Warmer weather set in along the coastal areas this week and slowed hunting a bit; however, goose hunters had a bonanza on Wednesday, as thick fog set in early and kept the flocks close to the ground making for some good harvests.

Duck hunting has been fair to good and the November drought has helped concentrate the birds. Note I mentioned the word drought, as up until November practically all areas were saturated with water causing ducks to be scattered.

With the dry weather, flocks are now focusing on lakes, reservoirs, prairie pot holes and other bodies of water. The dry conditions have contributed to more ducks moving into the marshes along the coast.

Tim Redding, a hunting guide in the Damon area, has seen more ducks hit the private lakes of his hunting club, with easy limits composed of teal, gadwall and bluebills being taken by his hunters.

Wednesday morning, there were not a lot of goose hunters in the Katy area; however, those that made it to the rice fields early had a field day on light geese. Thick fog kept the geese lower and in range of hunters in spreads.

A similar report came from Walter Morgan of El Campo who had his best hunt of the season. Morgan’s lease is located about five miles off U.S. Highway 59 and with the conditions that existed Wednesday, the geese were easy targets. Other birds harvested included two pintails and a wigeon. Morgan had two friends join him Wednesday and everyone was delighted with the results.

Deer hunting continued to be excellent in the hill country, although the Thanksgiving weekend saw heavy pressure from hunters. Ricky Merrill had been patiently waiting for that big buck of the season and encountered it last Saturday when the 10 pointer made its appearance at a deer feeder where four does were feeding.

Unfortunately, Merrill took a big doe before he saw the buck entering from the brush. Obviously, the shot scared the big deer away; however, Merrill has plans for three more hunts before the season ends and will be on the look out for “Muy Grande”.

Last week the Hill Country experienced cool weather while South Texas baked under warm conditions. Still, a good number of Boon and Crockett quality deer were taken. Johnny Wheeler took a 12-point buck from his family’s ranch near Spoffard on Black Friday. Wheeler and other members of his family also took 22 quail over the holiday weekend and a good number of javelina.

Speaking of quail, the big difference in quail hunting this season is where your hunting grounds are located. If the hunting ground is in an area where the heavy floods occurred, harvests are down; however, if it is in other areas, good numbers of bobwhite and other quail are being taken.

Harley Atkinson hunts a ranch between Del Rio and Sanderson and reported lots of bobwhites and blue quail being taken during November. Deer hunting has been excellent; however, Atkinson is not a deer hunter.

We had our first feral hog report of the season and that came from Kenneth August who killed eight big hogs on his grandparents farm near Camden.

Remember to send in pictures of your hunts, with the names of the hunters and the general areas of the hunts listed.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your game harvests to waterfowl.report@galvnews.com or call 409-683-5273.

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