The sound of silence would have been so pleasant.

I mean, how can somebody be a Monday Morning Quarterback after the Texans handed such a butt smacking to the mighty Seahawks?

After all, Houston was up 20-6 to start the fourth quarter and the Texans had — to that point — had their way with Seattle, which boasted the NFL’s No. 1 defense.

Matt Schaub was especially impressive.

He hit Andre Johnson for a pass here, Owen Daniels for a pass there and Arian Foster just about everywhere.

Through three quarters, Schaub had completed 21 passes for 266 yards to eight receivers while facing a relentless pass rush.

Then it all fell apart and the Seahawks ended up winning, 23-20, in overtime.

There are so many places to look where things started to spin out of control.

Head coach Gary Kubiak’s extremely conservative play-calling late in the first half left points on the field instead of putting them on the board.

The Texans had two drives that put themselves inside the Seahawks’ 30-yard line and on neither occasion did Kubiak take a shot at the end zone when the team had some room to work.

Houston had to settle for field goals both times.

That could have been eight more points right there, which would have ended the game in regulation and we all would be giddy li’l kitties right now.

Schaub will get a lot of blame for the loss.

For the third game in a row he threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

It was an especially goofy toss, too.

But what really did the Texans in were the defensive lapses late in the game when Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was pretty magical, as Kubiak put it.

Wilson would drop back, get bottled up by the oncoming Texans then pull a Houdini, slipping away and finding a receiver open for a completion, which is how Seattle came to score 20 unanswered points to pick up the win.

Yeah, the quiet would have been real nice.

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Gary Miller

Same old problem. So much talent poorly used. Looks like the lack of talent is among coaches.


You are right again Mr. IHOG! My sentiments exactly. Mr. Delapp, the game of football is played for FOUR quarters, or until the final whistle blows. What happened for three quarters, is not worth a hill of beans, unless you winl! The Texans didn't! They came close. The Oilers use to come close every year in Pittsburgh during the playoffs!
They even promised to kick the door in after one such butt whupping. That door is still there! The owner of the Texans is a good ole boy, who will always, come up short until he gets someone in there who can recognize talent and use it correctly, instead of shipping it to other teams, or allowing it to walk out of the door.

Gary Miller

All that talent so poorly employed?

Telivised pro sports are intertainment venues.
The Texans are intertaining.
Most of the funding for teams is from TV comercials.
Winning would increase the value of TV comercials.

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