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Andy Aycoth

I like the idea. I assume all financed by state / local government along with private industry ?

Steve Fouga

Excellent! I'd love for the area to bolster its presence in space.

The article states that this isn't "science fiction." But I didn't realize that horizontally launched RLVs were already a reality. I thought they were more of an up-and-coming concept with lots of promise, as opposed to something you could touch. I wish the article had specifics about timing. I'm thinking 2 decades.

TJ Aulds
TJ Aulds

Jake check out my story next week on those rockets Several companies are actually doing flights tests (most in Texas) and they showed them off the other other at this conference... Real Buck Rogers type stuff....

Steve Fouga

Will do. I'll look forward to reading it.

Nick Saum

A year or so ago, there had been discussion of eventually adding regional (domestic) commercial flights to Ellington, since Hobby is basically landlocked into its current footprint. Does this new development mean those plans are now dead?

Steve Fouga

Doesn't seem like it to me. Ellington seems easily big enough for both.

Sara Cox

Love it!

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