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Steve Fouga

I wonder how they know it's from Mars.

Gary Miller

Spectrografic analis.
Every rock, planet or moon, in out solar system has a different chemical signature.

Gary Miller

NASA has pretty much confirmed all water on earth came from water berring comets.
Pretty sure all our Oxygen came from that water by ultraviolate conversion.
They say 20 ton comets impact our atmosphere 40,000 times a day. Less than one every 100 square miles. They are mostly water with some dust. The water evaporates on impact and ultraviolate sunlight breaks down the water vapor to free oxygen and hydrogen. The heavier oxygen and dust drifts down in the atmosphere while the hydrogen drifts back into space.
Each of the 40,000 comets are 100 meter diamameter lighter than air clouds. A normal low level cloud that size would weigh 40 tons. They say the dust and water added 70 miles to earths diameter over 4.5 billion years.

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