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Brian Goldman

Considering that two days ago you threw the paper in my flower garden rather than on my porch and yesterday you did the same thing and didn't even double bag it so that it was soaked I wouldn't expect today to be any better.

Robert Buckner


Paula Fairbanks

I would rather your carriers remain safe. Maybe Robert could deliver Sunday's paper along with Monday's.

Mark Aaron

"I would rather your carriers remain safe."

Same here.

Linda Vaccaro

Didn't get papers in Terramar. Hope our paper-man is OK! Robert is his name. Ok by me to get today's and tomorrow's on Monday. Be safe!

Jarvis Buckley

What about E- paper?

Carlos Ponce

Is there an e-edition of the "Football Preview" available? I believe the printed one was supposed to be included in today's paper.

KevinMCox Staff
Kevin M. Cox

Carlos, sorry for the late reply. The football preview e-edition is available here:

Carlos Ponce

Thank you!

Allison Mugnier

All you whiny people really need to get a grip. If you are getting your paper at all you should be thankful. Our carrier lives in Texas City and I am amazed every day that she is still managing to deliver our paper.

Terry Moore

Thank you to my newspapet person don't know how they were able to since rain non-stop but it was there nice and dry!

Kathye Epley

I would rather your carriers remain safe. I was impressed I received one yesterday and certainly did not expect one today.

Kelly Webster

I'm with you, Kathye. I was really surprised to get it yesterday and never expected it today. Our delivery lady is awesome and her safety is the most important thing to me. Some people (see the first post) just can't appreciate anything or anybody...and that's really sad.

Brian Goldman

My delivery has been an issue for years. We have one good delivery person who is always able to put it on my porch. Otherwise it's a daily hunt to where it might be. So I suggest you find something else to worry about beyond my issues with the GDN

Jose' Boix

Amazingly, we had a nicely double-wrapped, Sunday edition atop my concrete walk-way at about 6:30 AM this morning! Kudos to the carrier and the GCDN Staff.

Brandy Jones

Please stay safe! We appreciate their early hours and hard work!

Monica Guajardo

No worries; appreciate having the e-paper. Stay safe!

Elizabeth Armstrong

No problem with the carrier not being able to deliver the paper during the floods but the News should be ready to compensate the subscriber.I put a memorial add in the paper and the price reflects it's value through public ably circulating same on the day planned.Othefwise the paper did not act in good faith. Nobody could predict this but compensation. Is due anyway.

Mike Trube

After watching the news and seeing people who lost everything they owned, losing a couple of newspapers is hardly worth noting.


Curtiss Brown

Thank you for your prompt and faithful delivery. The Chronicle owes us two papers, but in fairness they are swamped in Houston and haven't been able to deliver to the distributor.
I did miss the comics and cryptoquotes.

Carlos Ponce

Daily comics and cryptoquotes are on the e-edition. Sunday comics are available on syndicated sources such as
Here's the Sunday "Beetle Bailey"
And the daily "Beetle Bailey" in color:

Charles Hughes

No problem here.I was actually suprised but appreciated sundays delivery.

Mindy Lakin

Some people are so engrossed in themselves that they fail to see that the entire area effected by Hurricane Harvey is devastated. To them, damnit get over yourselves, it's only a newspaper!

Carlos Ponce

Newspapers are some people's link to their community. Forgive them, Mindy.

Cheryl Triplett

[thumbdown] I did not receive my paper on today or Sunday. I clearly get it that the inclement weather was the catalyst for the non delivery.It irritates me that some people got a paper and I did not. I will be deducting it from my next payment.

Doyle Beard


Iris M Crow

Cheryl, if you don't receive your paper, all you need to do is call the Classified dept. Things happen, sometimes someone will take the paper from your yard. Be reasonable. Put yourself in the newspaper workers position. It's not an easy job. If you receive the paper, you can also read it online for the same price if you subscribe for 7 days a week. Be kind. [smile]

Gulf Coast

Love this paper and it's history, and love our carrier on 24th Street. I know you are both working in earnest all of the time to bring us one of the last great community-based newspapers left in this country. No problem with a missed delivery or two in a 500-year storm.

Ralph Holm

After touring TC and the outer fringes where water was chest deep in some places , Ill read my electronic version and well do the crossword when we catch up when Harvey decides to move on..... and Jose , my Sunday paper was here at 4 AM ! that's someone (Earl???) that really got out and did it right . Oh yes , he puts the paper right between my Crepe Myrtles ,usually on the sidewalk ,Everytime! That's worth the tip!

Dot Wilbanks

Have not had a paper at my home in Texas City since Saturday. My street & surrounding area is not flooded but I do not know where my carrier lives. Just stay safe.

Kathleen Enderli

Stay safe carriers I too have not gotten paper since Saturday but my street been flooded since Saturday. We are on dead end street no one can get out. So carrier please do not try delivery to Clara Lane no way get down street whole street is flooded.

Anita Turner

I am fine with no paper, I can check online. With everything going on, I would rather my carrier be safe and stay off the road

Jack Cross

Haven't received my GCDN since last Friday, but I understand,

Bruce Blankenship

Understand fully not receiving the paper, will not stop me from sending a tip to my carrier who does an awesome job delivering my morning paper. I would like to have an opportunity to get the papers I missed after we dry up. Thanks :-)

Lois J Carelock

I haven't received a paper since Saturday. I have missed being connected to the local news, but understand. I, also, would appreciate receiving those papers that I missed...Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday... when possible. Hopefully, I will receive my paper this morning. Safety for our carrier is priority, of course.

Carlos Ponce

Question: Was the Annual High School Football Preview part of last Sunday's paper? If so, how about making it available online.

Jose' Boix

I guess we must be lucky and good; we received (tough a bit later than usual - in time for late breakfast) a wrapped bundle of Tuesday and Wednesday papers today, and we are appreciative of that. So far, the only missed edition was Monday, but I understand.

Mike Trube

We received all of our missed papers yesterday. Thanks GDNS and our carrier.


Doyle Beard

As my mother taught me I would be ashamed of myself for being so self centered.

kathy kirchner

I'll just read it online until we can get delivery. Happy that I still have a home to live in and a yard to toss my paper in! Patience people.

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