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Texas City Mayor Matthew T. Doyle

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Outside of Galveston County, Texas City is perhaps best known for its large industrial complex, but the city has a lot more going on.

Texas City’s 5-mile dike and sweeping bay views make it a destination for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. This mid-county city has a reputation for its nice parks and well-managed government.

Texas City, a town of more than 50,000 people, is poised for huge growth in the next decade. One of the largest subdivisions ever proposed in the county is in Texas City and developers started selling houses in 2016.

Here’s what Mayor Matt Doyle has to say about it:

Q: What’s the best thing about Texas City?

A: The people. The small-town feel and the sense of community that they all seem to set forward. Everybody knows everybody.

Q: What’s the worst thing about it?

A: Our biggest challenge still is to get over the idea that this is purely an industrial town, though we’re really proud of our industry.

Q: What are the top three things you would change if you could do it tomorrow?

A: Improvement of our housing stock. It’s happening, but we want to see it continue and happen faster; revitalization of our older neighborhoods; and continue to focus on our downtown and small businesses.

Q: What are three things you never want to see change about it?

A: Our small-town feel. We could very well be the second largest city in Galveston County in the next 10 years, and we need to work hard to keep the small-town feel. The way our community volunteers as a group and on individual basis. I hope they always keep that sense of volunteerism. The way our city government operates. It seems self-praising, which I’m the last guy you’d hear say that, but our form of government really proves well for the citizens. We’ve got all the oars in the water and are all rowing in the same direction, I’d hate to see that change.

Q: What are the three most pressing needs in Texas City?

A: Development. How we develop our open spaces and how we bring new development in. We need to make sure to work on the diversity of our tax base. We’re very reliant on our industrial tax base. When we have big value swings it is harmful to the taxpayers and citizens that live here. It’s back to code enforcement and the cleanliness of our city. We want everybody to take pride in ownership and clean it like you mean it.

Q: What are its three biggest assets?

A: Our location. Being on the Gulf Coast is the greatest thing. Our dike and levee system make us the envy of everyone; our park systems; our churches, College of the Mainland and our schools. If you have good churches, good schools, good families and good government, you’re set. We have all those things. We just have to keep working on them. It’s a continual improvement process.

Q: San Francisco has the Golden Gate, San Antonio has the Alamo, what’s the landmark that best represents Texas City?

A: The dike and the levee system. The dike has the busiest boat ramp on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It’s packed every weekend in the summer and sunny days. 

– Marissa Barnett

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