Everyday Hero: Rick Wade

League City Realtor Rick Wade is active in numerous organizations, such as Seabrook Men Who Cook, chamber committees and Clear Creek school district committees.

Photo by Jennifer Reynolds

League City Realtor Rick Wade admits to a compulsive trend to his volunteerism, a trait inherited from his parents.

“They instilled in me a strong work ethic,” Wade said, speaking from his office at RE/MAX Space Center in League City.

“I’m a workaholic, but it’s a good kind of workaholic.”

Just the short version of his current community work can be a lengthy list — ambassador for the League City Chamber of Commerce, volunteer cook for the Cowboys and Cowgirls Who Cook and for the Seabrook Men Who Cook, school bond issue committee member, chamber of commerce infrastructure committee member, Clear Creek Independent School District citizens financial committee member and North Galveston Chamber of Commerce member.

He also has volunteered with various political campaigns as well, and served on the League City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for six years.

“The main core of my principles is what my mama taught me when I was a kid growing up. She said, ‘If you’re going to complain about a problem, what are you doing to help solve it?’

“This is a great community, but we have things we need to have solved,” Wade said. “So I just kind of roll my sleeves up and say, ‘OK, what do you need me to do? What kind of help do you need from me?’”

For his work in the League City community, The Galveston County Daily News named Wade a 2013 Everyday Hero. He recently was honored at a reception for Everyday Heroes selected from across the county.

Wade and his wife, Donna, have two daughters and three grandchildren. He was in operations management at an oil refinery for 20 years then transitioned into real estate.

The family moved to League City in 2000, and Wade quickly became involved in school and community work. At one point, he was a radio talk show host, interviewing business and community leaders — a volunteer job he would love taking up again some day.

“It’s fun; it’s fascinating to see how this community has come together and how we keep evolving ... to see how much more outstanding we have become.”

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