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Lisa Blair

Is it early December yet?

Diane Turski

I believe that it is absolutely tragic that our current "representatives" are in lockstep to support the greed of the current administration in ending net neutrality! They even perverted the public comment period by unleashing millions of bots that pretended to represent Americans in support of ending net neutrality, but have been proven to be fake! If this greedy FCC Republican majority end net neutrality, everyone will be paying more - this will be the result of your "free market" internet. I will be voting for new representatives who will represent my best interests instead of the greedy internet service providers!

Christopher Smith

I don't understand the arguments for getting rid of net neutrality. How does giving large corporations the power to slow down or block certain websites depending on who is able to pay better for "growth and development"? The only ones that are going to benefit are the ISPs. I feel it is kind of like if we let each county in Texas put tolls on the highways and then you would have to pay a different toll depending on if you are in Galveston County or in Harris, etc. Or if you had to pay more to get in the fast lane instead of the slow lane. It makes no sense.

Jim Forsythe

If the cost to companies like Netflix could go up, if ISP's increase the amount they charge them for service.
"There have been cases where the ISPs were deliberately slowing up data from popular websites to extract money from those sites. Netflix, for example, is a video streaming site. And it pays a good amount of money to different ISPs so that users can watch the videos without interruptions due to buffering, etc."

The place that potently bad, is that an ISP could force out, a company they do not have business with.
"It means that broadband providers, which often also offers cable TV, will be able to charge premiums for an indispensable service for businesses — fast internet. The providers could selectively pick which companies should get access to high-speed internet, and how much they should pay, which could be devastating for the streaming industry."

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