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Kimberley Yancy, a schoolteacher and the president of the Dickinson-Bay Area Unit of the NAACP, will attempt to oust Bobby Hocking from the La Marque mayor’s office during May’s local elections.

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A rule change by the Federal Emergency Management Agency this week means that churches that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey last year can request federal grants that they had previously been barred from receiving.

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A plan to change the way the internet is regulated could be enacted within the next month. Last week, the Federal Communications Commission revealed a plan that would repeal net neutrality rules put in place by the Obama administration in 2015.

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This November’s Election Day will presumably be much more sedate than 2016’s was. With no national elections on the ballot, far fewer people are expected to show up to cast votes than did the day Donald Trump was elected president.

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Four days after a gunman opened fire on a crowd of Las Vegas concertgoers, the congressional delegation representing Galveston County was advocating waiting before any discussion about tightening gun-control laws.

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After Tuesday’s New York Times report that former FBI Director James Comey created a paper trail of his private conversations with President Donald Trump, members of Congress were increasingly calling for an independent investigation and hearings.

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Early voting for this year’s local elections is underway, but some people already have their eyes on the ballot for elections further down the line.