Part 1:

1. Are you a legal resident of the district you’re seeking to represent? Yes

2. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No

3.Have you ever sued a public entity or been sued by one? No

4. Do you have any unpaid property taxes? No

5. Do you have any unpaid parking tickets? No

6. Do you have any other debts to a public entity? No

7. If elected will you work at the job full time? Yes. Since being a FISD School Board Trustee is a full time job and I am available. Total Commitment

8. Will you continue to own or operate an outside business while holding this full-time public office? No

9. Will you have your home phone number listed in the phone book? Yes. It is presently listed.

10. Will you keep regular office hours? Being a FISD School Board Trustee is a full time job and I am available at anytime via email phone regular mail and through the Central Administration office.

Part 2:

Q. 1. Why should voters choose you? What are your specific qualifications for the position?

A. The motto of my re-election campaign for Friendswood Independent School District Board of Trustees Position Three is “All about Children” and this has also been my focus during my three years as a FISD Board Trustee and throughout my nearly 30 years in education. Meeting the needs of all children and being fiscally responsible are the measuring sticks I use when making decisions during School Board meetings.

Presently I am serving as Acting-President of the FISD Board of Trustees. In addition to my years in education with many in FISD I hold four degrees in education including a doctorate and have taught master’s level courses in education. Volunteering is a large part of my life and I am serving as Lay Leader of Friendswood United Methodist Church serve on the Hope Village Board of Directors and work as the liaison for FISD to the City of Friendswood Community and Economic Development Committee. ...


Q. What are the issues in this campaign? What is your platform on those issues?

A. FISD has received recognition for being one of the most efficient school districts in Texas and is one of the highest in student performance. Maintaining that balance of high student achievement and fiscal efficiency is the challenge under current state funding.


Q. If you promise to control or reduce taxes tell us how and be specific. For example how do you propose offsetting the inflation in government operating costs you cannot control (insurance utilities fuel costs etc.) by cutting costs you can control?

A. State and local school revenue has been frozen by the legislature for a few years now. Despite this FISD has been extremely fiscally responsible as acknowledged by TEA and has been able to maintain balanced budgets through 2008. This is our continued goal. Annually we make adjustments within our budget and line items to assure a balanced budget.


Q. What government programs or personnel can be cut to reduce the increasing cost of government? Be specific.

A. As a current board member and past principal I have always looked for ways to reduce our budget so this is nothing new for me. ... Unfortunately state mandates are beyond our control but if I could I would like to reduce unnecessary legal fees.


Q. What specific actions would you take to make the office you seek more accessible to county residents and work efficiently with tax monies?

A. FISD has become more and more transparent with information available to our public in an efficient manner through technology. The district now has over 1000 pages of information online. Everything from the payment of bills to the superintendent’s contract as well as the curriculum of our courses can be found online. During my years with FISD and on the Board daily grades of students and homework listings have been made easily available to our community. ...


Q. Tell us a about yourself. How old are you? What is your occupation? What is your highest level of education?

A. Family education and community are my focus. My husband Roy and I have been married for 31 years with 18 of those in Friendswood. Our son graduated from FISD and later from Baylor. In 2004 I retired from being principal of Friendswood Junior High. My educational background encompasses a B.S. degree in Elementary Education a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction a M.S. in Mid-Management and a Doctor of Education from Baylor.

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