I’m not the kind of person that gets involved in politics other than to cast my vote during elections.

I do, however, feel an obligation to promote the record of Elizabeth Beeton in her service to the city of Galveston.

Although I live in a district represented by another council person, my neighbors and I have nothing but praise for Beeton’s responsiveness to our issues with the city.

She has been tireless in her efforts to improve the entire city for the sake of the people who live here.

It is gratifying to me to see someone who is willing to volunteer her time as effectively as Beeton in making Galveston a better place to live.

I encourage everyone in Galveston to contact her and find out for themselves why she would be the best mayor for Galveston.

Connie Schnitger


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Jarvis Buckley

She is the people's candidate. She will be opposed only by Big money, Chamber of
Commerce , family's who have streets named after them,and of course GDN. The voters will make her our Mayor.

GW Cornelius

She is bad for Galveston just look at her record. Good grief Charlie Brown! Check it out you will see she is not the peoples or anyones candidate.

Gary Miller

The best candidate isn't likely to win in Galveston because the best voters won't show up. City employees and contractors wanting their hands in the tax pot will show up.
Less than ten percent of registered voters on the island will bother to vote.
I predict JY will win because he has more experience making tax funded promises and buying votes with tax money than other candidates.

Jarvis Buckley

Island Runner I certainly respect your opinion, it would be nice if you respected EB's
Service to our island she was elected overwhelmingly three times to council, your negativity will help her not hurt her. She is the people's candidate , you will see my

Linda Vaccaro

IMHO-Beeton is the only person running that has no special interest groups to monetarily gain from. She is for the people of Galveston, not just realtors, contractors, or any business or "good ole' boy" groups she would gain from.

GW Cornelius

EB has all my respect as one of the worse council members there ever was. She has worked very hard to destroy any good thing coming to Galveston.

Steve Fouga

It looks like a pretty safe bet to discount anything Island Runner says. I've been wondering who he or she is. Probably some minor-league tinhorn politico...

These silly, unsubstantiated opinions are getting boring. But like all train wrecks, hard to look away from. Fortunately, they give me an opportunity to tout Elizabeth Beeton, Terrilyn Tarlton and Norm Pappous.

Not sure anyone reads these forums except a few diehards, though.


Ana Draa

In my experience, Ms. Beeton has given service to the city, and in doing so has been very divisive. She has not been pro-business, case in point, her handling of the two problem short term rental houses in Colony Park. Rather than work with the existing laws and Police department, her solution has been to attempt to create onerous laws that have would solve nothing other than to run hundreds of law abiding short term rental owners out of business. Police Chief Porretto has the situation well in hand, has never asked for additional laws. It's a very anti-business knee jerk reaction, one that would impact many who have invested on the island. If this is how she plans on ruling as Mayor, I say vote for anyone else.

Ellen Morrison

Keep flogging that relatively dead horse. For every owner of rental housing, there are multiple neighbors who are tired of the rentals. Try a real issue on for size... there's many to choose from.

Curtiss Brown

She single handedly destroyed the Lowes deal. That is not much of service to anyone.

Steve Fouga

How'd she do it?

George Croix

Can you tell how someone will perform their job based on their handling of one little brick in a big wall of them?
The election is for mayor, not messiah...

Steve Fouga

Watching Beeton, Yarbrough, and Mafrige at last night's debate, I was gratified to see how comfortable each was in their own skin, each confident they can do a good job. I don't think any of them would be an awful mayor.

Beeton tutoring the audience on the issues, explaining how the past two years became such a train wreck, touting her own platform -- which is citizens, neighborhoods, beautification...

Mafrige cunningly asking questions to expose Yarbrough's past, and proclaiming his leadership qualifications against two decisively more leaderlike personalities...

Yarbrough sitting smug and self-satisfied like a Tammany boss who knows the fix is in, not even bothering to enter a debate on issues because he thinks his name and big money will carry the day, and because he doesn't have the depth of the other two.

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