Recently, there was a nice article about city code inspectors ("It's Island Code," The Daily News, Nov. 23); however, I feel sorry for folks mentioned on the East End. They will lose.

Here in my hood I have a run down structure owned by a city council member that is ignored by our CEOs as they ride around. Same situation just north and east of City Municipal Court where junk piles high just below the weeds. Wonder who gets special treatment here.

The Daily News should dig deeper; you just scratched the surface of a corrupt government at work.

George Saracco



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Jarvis Buckley

Your taking the right step by making this public. Most politicians have huge ego's &
doesn't like seeing their name
in print in a negative way. You
showed class in not naming
the council person. I'll bet the
Problem will be promptly taken
Care of.

Leonard T. Payne

Code enforcement is not only a problem in Galveston.
The City of La Marque is guilty of not enforcing codes. LMPD is the worst for enforcing codes that have been on the books since 1971.

The Flammable Truck Route Ordinance for example.
I recently submitted a request in writing, as how many traffic citation have been issued since the first of the year to today's date. The reply was zero.
These hasardous transport trucks travel thru La Marque daily and LMPD refuses to stop these carriers.

It's just a matter of time before one of these hazardous cargo carriers has an accident on FM 519.

The Mayor/Council, City Manager and Police Chief have all heard and read my complaints to them about this violation for years, and they continue to ignore the complaint.

I hope they sleep well, should a problem exits.

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