When I attended the Galveston City Council meeting last week, I was impressed with interim City Manager Brian Maxwell’s professional demeanor. In fact, everyone on the council was extremely positive and friendly.

Reading in Sunday’s Daily News about Brian’s vision for recreating Kermit Courville Stadium and its surrounding area was another wonderful surprise (“Can you picture a stadium corridor,” March 30).

I am an avid believer in preserving resources and avoiding waste, and the editorial certainly sounded sensitive to those points.

That said, I am admittedly new to this topic and I do not intend to offend anyone who might have strong feelings to the opposite. What a nice thing it would be for the island to work together to make this come true.

I can imagine the excellent lessons our children would learn from observing their adult role models collaborating, deliberating without animosity and achieving a goal that could serve our community for decades and generations to come.

I understand that this would require compromise from everyone involved, but the results of that effort could be invaluable. What a legacy for the future.

Joan Quigley-Newton lives in Galveston.

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Don Ciaccio

Except it would be built in the middle of a very bad ne

Don Ciaccio

Bad neighborhood that visitors are scared to go in.

Carlos Ponce

There are things that visitors look for in an opponent's stadium.
1. Ease of finding the stadium.
2. How safe they and their vehicles will be in the parking lot.
3. Clear view of the field and ability to hear the announcers.
4. Good variety and price at the concessions.
5. Safety in the stands.
6. Ramps and provisions for wheel chair patrons on both sides of the field.
7. Clean and safe restrooms.
Kermit Courville Stadium, nee Public School Stadium, has fallen short on parking lot safety over the years. If this plan can improve safety with added lighting and the presence of security it might be worth the investment. The City of Galveston has a vested interest in this project. We're talking about thousands of potential return visitors for other venues to the island if things go right. To the natives, its a matter of civic pride and your safety too.

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