Norman Pappous has been attentive to District 4’s needs like we haven’t experienced in ages.

He is open to helping anyone who approaches him and regularly gives out his personal phone number with encouragement to call him if anything is ever needed.

Pappous is aggressive on issues that affect not only the people in his district, but issues that affect all of Galveston.

He keeps his word to the voters and always acts in their best interests.

Pappous not only deserves our support, he deserves a landslide victory if for no other reason than to show that politicians who keep their word will be rewarded by the people they represent.

Brenda Atchley


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Jarvis Buckley


Steve Fouga

Since I can't vote for Mr Pappous, I can only urge those in District 4 to do it!

My personal favorite plank in his platform is his desire to revitalize/expand the Port.

Galveston has three things that very few cities have: 30 miles of beach, a deepwater port, and proximity to a mega-population-center.

Everyone talks about the beach and bringing in tourists. Someone need to give some props to the Port, and that's what Norm is doing.

Gary Miller

If I could vote in Island elections Pappous would get mine.
Galveston HAD some advantages over other parts of the county. Not least of them was being the county seat.
For decades Island based county government spent an unfair share of county revenues on the Island which works now against the island in present day county politics.
Called PAY BACK. Or what goes around, comes around. Galveston deserves the liberal rot it still encourages.
JY will expand the liberal rot almost as fast as he expands his personal wealth.

GW Cornelius

I live in district 4 and we still have pot holes rub board roads and no drainage. Norm will not get my vote and I hope there are others that feel the same way.

Norman Pappous

I'm glad you've moved from the neighborhood.

Steve Fouga

LOL! Every Galveston neighborhood has potholes.

If that's how you choose to slam Mr Pappous, I'd call it praising with faint damnation...


George Croix

Walter Scotts' Marmion
Canto VI, XVII
Apropos over two centuries later...

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