I agree with the title of Jerry Kenney's letter ("Africa is breathtaking, beautiful and strong," The Daily News, Jan. 19). Africa is breathtaking, beautiful and strong. It is a continent of great riches. I understand his sentiments. I do not agree that using bad words to describe certain regions in our world is racist or ignorant.

Would I be misinformed if I used a bad word to describe Haiti? If I would love to go a beautiful Caribbean island for vacation, would I choose Haiti? No. It is a country crippled by corruption. Since withdrawal of United Nations peacekeepers, human rights abuses have increased. The Haitians are suffering and dying from rampant disease and lack of clean water and food. If I choose to visit Niger, I would not be misinformed if I took measures to defend myself from the high risk of kidnapping and terrorism. 

To describe certain regions with a bad word has nothing to do with the race or religion of the local people. Get real, there are regions in our world that are violent, unhealthy and corrupt. Nice words cannot describe them. It is the very good people of those regions who would not use nice words.

Donna Swenson



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Randy Chapman

Sugar coating things to make them sound nice is a hallmark of liberalism; Hell isn't really as bad as they say. It's just a little warmer.

Gary Miller

Africa like many others is a lovely country occupied by pathetic people ruled by ugly people.

Carlos Ponce

Interesting. When Obama called an African nation a "Sh*t Show", Democrats had no problems with it.[unsure]

Curtiss Brown


President Obama reportedly used the term "shit show" in private to refer to the escalating violence in Libya following the death of Muammar al-Qaddafi.

President Obama's comment was about an escalating war, not the country itself; Obama's remarks were widely reported by the media at the time.

Try to get stuff right, Carlos

Ron Woody

And the current President's comments were about utilizing a merit based immigration policy instead of the current family based, chain immigration. Yet, he is viewed as a racist. No offense Mr. Brown, but to state that President Obama's statement was covered by the media to the same extent is a bit insincere and was not President Trump's, supposed comments, made in private also. If President Obama's comments were in private how did they show up in a lengthy interview/perspective in the liberal leaning Atlantic Magazine.
Oh, and by the way in that same article President Obama also stated that a lot of the problems in the Mideast would be solved if "they had more Scandinavians". Not much different from President Trump's Norway question.
Having lived in the DC area for over six years now I have no love for either party, they both only care about dividing the country so that they can continue to raise millions of dollars.
I only ask that both sides be honest in that the media is 90% liberal and that is not debatable. As someone that believes in law and order I appreciate having a President that wishes to enforce the law, 1995 Embassy Act to move to Jerusalem, 2006 Border Protection Law, etc. But I guess that following laws makes me a racist.
I mean seriously, even President Obama stated he did not have the authority to initiate DACA when he did it. Last I checked Temporary Protected Stated (TPS) means short term. I do not believe that the definition of temporary would come near 20 to 30 years.

Carlos Ponce

"Not much different from President Trump's Norway question."
There's something being left out of the mainstream media. He said Norway but also Asians.

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