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Robert Young

So that's how Earl got all those yards,, Team player I would say. It would be nice to have a mayor that everyone respects. Jim Yarbrough for mayor.

Bill Quiroga

Have you seen the ad in Saturdays GDN (April 19, 2014) paper about Yarbrough vs. Mafrige, you got to be a joker, just look at his record, a great leader!

Miss Priss

I saw that ad too and laughed that Mafrige would assume this race would be between himself and Yarbrough. The reality of the situation is the race will most likely be between Beeton and Yarbrough. Also, if you place a full page ad listing the opposing candidate cons vs. your pros, it might be best to do a better job of filling in your pros instead of leaving so many holes and space under what you should be displaying under your own qualifications as you continue to bash the other.

Mafrige really wasted his money paying Ken Clark Services to develop that full ad...... They should have at least used a more flattering photo of Mafrige too. I'd also question a candidate who uses an elected official for paid political services that has allowed his former secretary and former campaign treasurer go down (trial and reputation) for actions related to his selfishness.

Robert Young

you are right about hitman clark

David Collins

GW, since when did you become a supporter of public housing?

George Croix

Politics is sure an oddity.
Where else does one spend more money to get a job than they will make in salary on that job.

Robert Young

If you believe the scarecrow,,like Yarbrough said if 200 or 500 units of government
housing defeats Galveston's progress? Then we need to put a fork in the place. We are done. We had nothing to offer in the first place and weren't ever going anywhere,This island is about so much more than that. and BTW, what kind of Mayor would want to bully a few poor off the island . Public housing is NOT our problem.. Our problem is, no plan,, no leadership.. JY fixes all that. He is a realistic compassionate leader with vision.

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