I am a Korean "War" veteran.

I was fortunate in not being a casualty, and able to enjoy the educational and home ownership financial aid benefits granted to veterans by the GI Bill of Rights. As a result, my wife and I have responded favorably to telephone appeals by donating money to many veteran charity organizations, too many to mention.

However, today we received our first payback donations, consisting of four nickels from the VFW and one nickel from Disabled American Veterans. I asked my wife to include the four nickels in any donation she felt compelled to donate to the VFW, because I did not serve oversees. I also asked her to keep the nickel from Disabled American Veterans, because I am now disabled. Although not in line of duty as a service-man, but disabled nevertheless as an 88-year-old veteran with Parkinson's Disease.

The purpose of this letter is to call attention to the torrent of disruptive telephone calls from solicitors using high pressure and reception of many letters using similar "make-you-feel-guilty" techniques.

Marion Medwedeff



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Doyle Beard

Lots of people need a lots of help but these telephoners do make things difficult.

Carlos Ponce

Next time you get a solicitation call tell them you live in an an area inundated by a major storm and would they like to donate to help Harvey's victims with a donation. Have the name of a local charitable firm ready just in case but most of the time you will get... CLICK.

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