We have the wrong system to elect the next mayor of Galveston. Under either a strong mayor or a 4-2-1 system, we would have the ideal race — one with real choices.

Elizabeth Beeton is a quality person with Galveston in her heart. She analyzes each situation and makes formulates her opinion with or without council approval.

Jim Yarbrough is a good man and strong public figure. His statement, “If you like the city like it is, I’m is not your guy,” is ironic since he accepts endorsements by the three most recent mayors.

Don Mafrige is a man who objectively evaluates circumstances in order to act on what is best for Galveston. By listening to opposing views and incorporating them when appropriate, he will move our city forward.

Under his leadership, the city manager will have a clear path for implementing the policies passed by city council. Therefore, under the current system, the most-qualified candidate for mayor is Mafrige. There is no other choice.

Willi Luthy


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GW Cornelius

Is this the same Mafrige that made a bigot remark about a fellow council person. Mafrige is not the person for Mayor. If you want someone to manage commercial real estate then he is your guy.

Jarvis Buckley

I liked part of your letter.....The part About Ms. Beeton. Your letter was well thought out an
Well written. The folks supporting Big Jim seem to only want to slur the other two folks, when in fact
They all three are outstanding folks. They all want what they think is best for Galveston. I happen to think Ms. Beeton is the best person for the job at this time. I'll bet my size 13 shoe neither of the
3 will destroy the island if elected. If this was a popularity contest Big Jim would probably win, but it's
Not,it's about the future of our Island. Nothing will get past Ms. Beeton. Business as usual will be
Over. It's going to be an interesting election. That you can count on. Big Jim better run like he is 500
Votes behind.................Because he just might be.

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