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Carlos Ponce

"I’ll ask the state to designate the tax for the Texas windstorm fund." Bill Young has that much power?
This letter reminds me of the thousands of jobs and millions of dollars that approving a dog track for Galveston County would bring(1987). Well the track was built over 20 years ago and I'm growing old waiting for fulfillment of these promises.

Robert Young

he may just have the connections

Steve Fouga

carlosponce, Galveston isn't La Marque. Unless badly bungled (cough, cough), gaming would be a success on the Island.

The city would thrive, the County would flourish, an Ike Dike would be built, roads would be fixed. And our windstorm insurance would be cheaper.

Like you I wonder how it can be made to happen. Glad someone's thinking about it, though.

Carlos Ponce

Jake, I bet (pun intended) you voted for the dog track!
Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it will.
I predict that any money made will go towards more police to take care of the increase in crime that comes with gambling, not to make windstorm cheaper.

Robert Young

Someone finally with a plan instead of negative political bullcrap

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