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Bill Quiroga

This is all about big money. (Billions, for special interest groups)

If you remember the last election the elected people were the ones that would change Galveston for the best. Two years later not one thing got done except that the residents are more divided.

Rosen as mayor was the smart businessman, right, Legg, Tarlton and Robb all going to fight the public housing issues, right.

Now Rosen and Legg both are not running leaving the mess they help create to the next council.

Yarbrough is the man to be the next mayor, right. Did you see the ad in the Galveston Daily News Yarbrough vs. Mafrige April 19, 2014?

Don’t repeat history!

Ellen Morrison

Galveston has a history of electing the wrong mayor.

The right mayor is staring them in the face - look at all the years that Elizabeth Beeton has been trying to fight "the powers that be" on behalf of the average citizen and taxpayer.

George Croix

The absolute best way to make sure that the same old thing does not repeat itself is to put into office the very same people who did the same old things. You see, that's because they KNOW what doesn't work, so are unlikley to do the same things over again, looking for a different outcome...
Aren't they...???

Steve Fouga

I'll go ahead and add the sarcasm emoticons you left off of your post, gecroix. This is Galveston you're dealing with. We might accidentally take you seriously.


Gary Miller

Isn't it hard to chew gum with tounge in cheek?

George Croix

You mean it doesn't work that way???
I've been misinformed......[smile]

Jarvis Buckley

Confuse........you are right on. It's unbelievable these folks don't understand what EB
Has gone through on our behalf.

Ellen Morrison

And look who's endorsing him in today's (4/23) paper!!

A vote for JY is a vote for those powers that be and the way it always has been. You know, 'cause "this is Galveston" and it'll never change.

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