Everyone seems to be bashing and blaming Israel for all the recent spike in bloodshed. I truly want to thank the Three Musketeers for what they wrote in “Enemies of Israel should think twice,” (Daily News, Aug. 4). They shed some true light on the subject.

Stephen Hodgson went as far as stating that we should demand our weapons back from Israel and attack if they don’t respond. Boy, did I see red and couldn’t believe people in my own town, Galveston, were so much against the Jews.

There is no peace because Hamas will not rest until its mission to destroy Israel is achieved. Israel has a right to protect itself. Wouldn’t you?

Clemence Tousson


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Paula Flinn

I agree, that Israel has the right to defend itself and its people, however Israeli military bombing Palestinian schools with women and children in them is not good. Bombing and leveling whole neighborhoods of innocent people, ditto.

It is just a shame that Hamas terrorists show such little regard for their own people, that they use them as shields. At least, that is what we are led to believe (by the media, and do you trust the media?). I am not sure we are getting the full story, here. No one would say that Israel hasn't the right to defend itself. It is the choice of Israeli targets and the level of devastation to ordinary people that are in question.

Chris Gimenez

I suppose you only believe the media when it says Israel is bombing schools with children in them. Israel is giving notice of it's targets to allow evacuation but Hamas ensures they are occupied whenever possible. And we know factually of at least three instances in which Hamas used UN schools to store and hide weapons and rockets. Not to worry though because when the UN found out its schools were being used to store that weaponry they just gave it back to Hamas.

Hamas has also executed its tunnel builders to ensure Israel can't use those people to locate the tunnels. Of course, your president wants to ensure Hamas isn't at a disadvantage so he's trying to block resupply of weapons to Israel. Kind of makes you wonder who he sides with-the terrorists or the democratic state. Same as he's doing in Iraq by ignoring the slaughter of Christians and giving Isis all the time they need to establish their caliphate.

Wes SF

Your right on point bv, good job and well written. With nothing on the line (meaning another presidential run) we shouldn't expect any positive outcome from our current administration. Thank God he is limited to four years. Our country will be lucky to just survive his remaining 28+ months. Pray-Pray-Pray!

George Croix

The biggest mistake Isreal has made, and is making again, is caving to pressure from people who never have rockets shot into their cities, or have killers infiltrating into their neighborhoods.

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