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GW Cornelius

So you are saying that someone that completed a enormous job in 90 days should not run against someone that does not know his backside from a hole in the ground. That does not measure up.

Steve Fouga

I think Mr Hoover is another case of a candidate simply not being needed at this time. There is NO reason to replace Mr Pappous -- he has done too good a job, and has a solid platform moving forward. He should be running unopposed, as should Terrilyn Tarlton.

Maybe Mr Hoover will be worthy replacement after Norm Pappous serves his 3 terms.

George Croix

"You shall be known by the company you keep."
There's a lot of disagreement over who said it first, or even if those are the exact words, but the spirit and the reality are not arguable...
It's the low cal version of 'you are what you eat'...[wink]

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