I recently received a flier from the Wayne Faircloth camp that accused Craig Eiland of trying to sneak Democrat Bob Senter into the House District 23 seat. How ridiculous.

Senter went to Baylor with Eiland, and they are friends. Throwing out baseless claims and hoping something sticks is a smear tactic.

The flier also listed nine people who made contributions to Senter and whose names were blacked out. They were identified as hard core Democrats. I know these people, and you would too. They are respected, conservative community leaders. Is that why the Faircloth flier blacked out their names? The source was claimed to be the Houston Chronicle, but it was actually an online blog.

The Republican Party should stand on a set of principles and welcome all, including Democrats, who share these principles. Candidates like Faircloth drive people away from the Republican Party. This thinking excludes good people like Senter and Jim Schweitzer and opens the door to candidates like Christopher Dupuy and Jason Murray.

Jack Cross

Texas City

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