Free speech does not mean The Daily News has to abandon journalistic standards; but they did when publishing David Michael Smith’s vile, hateful rant that mainly quotes other Trump haters and offers very little factual material ("Mentally unstable Trump must be stopped," The Daily News, Jan. 27).

We all know the author and know what he thinks.

He is entitled to his free speech, but The Daily News is under no obligation to print such material.


Mike Cowan



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PD Hyatt

Wow.... Is this for real? Journalistic reporting continues to fall to new lows and to be honest I did not think it would flatten out much less get censored.... GDN must have caught a ton of flack over this.... I am impressed that GDN did this and I guess taking that this was an apology to its readers....Bravo!

Gary Miller

PD Hyatt! David Michael Smith is entitled to his free speech, but The Daily News is under no obligation to print such material. GDN should continue printing his rants because we all need some mirth in our lives. I find it amusing that he thinks anyone believes him.

Lorna Presswood

Absolutely, it is getting old to have such a fringe left newspaper in a majority Republican population. Most people do not get news our the "Daily News"-they get progressive, antagonistic, shock-value-probably in desperate attempts to keep the paper in the black.

Carlos Ponce

David Michael Smith misses his audience; students in a collegiate classroom who will buy his propaganda just to get a decent grade. He has been writing columns for decades so there's plenty of proof that he's a Leftist nut job.
Previous columns:
praise the terrorist group Hezbollah
condemns the Jewish State of Israel
condemns the United States for use of the atomic bomb against Japan
praises Marxism
In addition he praises Chairman Mao and he led a protest against Galveston police.
But our American freedoms permit Leftist nut jobs like David Michael to express his views. A quick fact check shows he does not know what he's writing about. So "caveat lector" - let the reader beware!

Jarvis Buckley

Thank you Galveston Daily News.
Honestly I couldn't believe you printed his communist propaganda .
A rebuke of his article by GDN was
needed. He needs to tone down his hatred for America.

Jarvis Buckley

Or he needs to leave✌️

Diane Turski

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I've seen plenty of pro-Trump pieces printed by Trump supporters, as well.

Carlos Ponce

Yes,Diane but they appear in "Letters to the Editor" and Guest Columns, submitted by readers. The AP articles and Editorials are anti-Trump, misleading and biased.There is no balance in this newspaper from the staff and alleged "news" sources.

Jarvis Buckley

I disagree Diane. I don't believe you should slur a man or woman's mental stability , when you know full well what you are saying is not true.

Diane Turski

Not true? I disagree!

Josh Butler

Smith's columns are good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Ron Shelby

Keep writing Mr. Smith. The only "bad" opinion column (which opinion columns are not considered "news") is one that does not generate discussion. A discussion is key in a county as well split as Galveston County is between Democrats and Republicans. Keep it up.

Ron Shelby

Oh...and in the United States, we generally frown upon censoring other ideas. (And the word is not the author used it).

Jarvis Buckley

Diane I respect your right to disagree.

Gary Miller

Diane! I support your right to be wrong.

Jarvis Buckley

Ron to censure: to express strong dis approval . Mike is right in his verbiage .

Ron Shelby

No, Mike wanted the daily news not to publish his columns. That’s censor vs censure.

Jarvis Buckley

Got your thoughts

Jack Reeves

I pay an outrageous amount of money to subscribe to this paper every year. If they continue to let this guy represent them in print, I think I'll just spend my money on Car and Driver or something where the Editors don't intentionally alienate paying customers. This is like going to McDonald's and having the clerk spit in the bag after you pay for the meal.

Bill Cochrane

I think that if everyone would stop acknowledging this guys existance, he would just go away.

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