What is up with the mail service? Recently, we have not received mail in three days. The service has gone from fair to poor to terrible. And, if anyone is desperate enough to go to the Bob Lyons station, they will find one person behind the counter and a 30 foot line to the door.

Who can we contact to get this corrected? Help!

David Campbell



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Lesley Nicholes

I second this complaint. Complete incompetence. Whoever is in charge should be replaced - I've never seen such random and unorganized mail service.

Barbara Sexton

I also share this frustration here on the west end. Its bad enough that we have ridiculous mailing address that have NOTHING to do with our physical addresses (never had a community mail box that didn't use the physical address), but mail delivery is scattered at best. The post office desperately needs help rectifying these problems.

Gary Miller

What do you expect from a bureaucracy? If you complain enough they will use your complaints for budget increases. Failure is always a liberal excuse for more money.

Micheal Byrd

Same here.
On several occasions it has taken letter's/cards 2-3 weeks to reach Houston.

Over Christmas, our niece's Christmas card to us was returned to her because of incomplete address information in spite of our full address being on the card.

We regularly have no mail delivered. I realize that statistically it is possible to have no mail but based on history, it really falls on the outside of the curve.

We had a mail stop for a week over Christmas and only had 4 pieces delivered afterwards. Again, possible, but highly improbable.

Have had packages sent to me for delivery but not delivered, had to go pick them up. That's just pure laziness.

Worst mail service I have ever encountered.

Randy Chapman

If you have one of those centralized mailbox things where everyone has their own box and you drive by daily to pick up your mail, you most likely will not get packages delivered unless they fit in the small box, or if you get lucky enough to have one of the larger keyed boxes that works. The post office is not going to take the extra step to go to your address. You'll just get a yellow card stating that they tried, kinda.

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