Mayes Middleton’s sycophantic obsession with Greg Abbott is unacceptable. The office he’s running for is to be “our” representative — not Abbott’s. When this community disagrees with Abbott, we need to know that “our representative” is just that. Ours, not his.

Middleton heads Middleton Oil & Gas Co., but the Texas Oil & Gas Association endorses his opponent, Wayne Faircloth. Middleton is a dues-paying member of an association that does not view his candidacy as credible.

Texans for Toll Free Highways and the Texas Home School Coalition endorse Middleton, but endorsements by National Federation of Independent Business, National Rifle Association and Texas Municipal Police Officers Association tell me Faircloth is a credible candidate and someone worthy of my vote.

Middleton’s pledge he will work toward eliminating property taxes all together exposes his ignorance of how local government really works. Faircloth understands the difference between the moderation and the abolition of property taxes and understands they are a valued resource necessary to bring a community back to life after an Ike-level natural disaster.

Your interest in the state legislature is admirable, Mr. Middleton, but prove you know what you’re doing by holding a seat on the city council.

Tom Drees

Texas City


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Allison Buchtien

I don't know if being "endorsed" by the NRA is something to be touting these days. I received a mailer from Faircloth this week listing groups that back /endorse him. All of those endorsements make me not vote for him. In fairness, I wouldn't vote for Middleton either.

Doyle Beard

The NRA is not truly to blame for this. Its law enforcement and if we pass another law will it be enfored? Lots of misguided people.

Carol Dean

DB, we agree on tis one!

Carol Dean

Including Fakecloth's endorsement from the AFL-CIO that he personally went out and sought?

Gary Scoggin

Middleton, being a Houstonian, is not only a fish out of water but a resident out of his district.

Carol Dean

LOL! So you are falling for Fakecloth's Fake News! Why don't you check and see where Mr. Middleton pays his HOMESTEAD taxes? Chamber's County is definitely in Mr. Middleton's district. How many people live in Galveston County and have homes elsewhere...a lot! Property Taxes are open records.

Doyle Beard

I know its the law about the homestead payment but there have been several cases of shady dealings in this issue. I don't know in this case so don't always take this for granted.

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