In response to the article ("'We're becoming an RV park,'" The Daily News, Nov. 5): My home also was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. My son and I stayed in it and waded water for two days. We've ripped up soaked carpet, tore out Sheetrock and now are rebuilding.

We each have a recliner we sit and sleep in. I cook in a skillet or electric kettle, and wash them in the small bathroom lavatory.

We live in a home with sawing, sanding and painting going on every day, but there are people out there worse off than we are.

The people in that article should look around and be grateful for what they have — and that they aren't among the 58 people who died.

I have owned several RVs, including fifth-wheels. They have all been quite comfortable, especially my fifth-wheel.

Maybe they need to look for the good and thank God for what they do have. Things could be a lot worse.

Sandra Clegg

Santa Fe


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Don Schlessinger

Well said Sandra.

Doyle Beard

The world needs more people like Sandra. Be thankful for what one has and not whinnng about what someone else has. Thank you Sandra and I wish you lots of luck as you work to get back to normal. You are an example of what America needs more of.

Dwight Burns


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