The Daily News has been harping about the ongoing litigation between Galveston County Judge Mark Henry and Judge Lonnie Cox, especially the lawyer's fees amounting to $1.2 million dollars.

Now, three of our elected commissioners voted to let Cox off the hook when he lost. Would they have forgiven anyone suing them personally off the hook for lawyer fees?

Guess it's different when it's the taxpayers money; lets hear from The Daily News on this one.

Good job Judge Henry — you were right.

M.D. Ward

La Marque


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PD Hyatt

It is always different when you are throwing away other peoples money.... That is why most politicians don't care about how much they spend because they don't see it as their own money just yours and mine! I am saying that is the case whether the are a demon-crat or a rino....

Carlos Ponce

Bottom line: Mark Henry was right and the Texas Supreme Court agreed with him.
Unfortunately, proving you are right costs money. That's why there are many settlements to avoid those costs. Should Mark Henry have backed down when he was in the right? That would not be right. In this matter it is apparent who knows the law and who doesn't.

Ron Shelby

Under current law, at least no other jurisdiction will have to pursue this question before a court.

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