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Gary Miller

Diversity. Different rates for different incomes is what Karl was after.
The more differences the easier to use the tax code as a political wepon. The real advantage of diversity is the need for more tax collectors.
He suggested no reform must be permitted that reduces the number of tax collectors.
Tax collectors are a valued political tool because they have a vested interest in electing a government that hires more tax collectors.
A tax collector is anyone who is employed by the tax code. Most tax collectors are private sector tax preparors. The CPA or H&R Block preparing your taxes is a tax collector with a vested interest in more complication.

Gary Miller

Most taxpayers would like replacing our socialist tax code with a capitalist code.
The greatest problem will be all the politicians who use the tax code for political advantage.
The millions of private sector businesses needing the tax code for employment will be as great a push back.
The IRA's few hundred thousand employees are only a minor part of people earning a living on enforcing our socialist tax code.
Companies like H&R block and CPAs employ millions who would have to find other employment.
When Russia converted to a flat tax they were surprised by the reduction of total spending by private taxpayers on their socialist tax code.
We actually spend Billions on complience and those billions represent jobs for tax complience workers. Billions we could better spend on productive activities. Russia cut their flat tax rate every other year because citizens spending tax savings was a greater economic boost than they expected.
Revenue neutral became revenue excessive.

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