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Chris Gimenez


Gary Miller

Thank goodness you are not a majority.
Will burger flipping become a career path?
Do we really want felons and illegals using false names to vote?
Any citizen too mentally handicapped to get a free voter ID doesn't need to vote.

George Croix

That's one description.
I was going with a simple 'huh!?'.

Vote like it usually goes. Pick out a smile or a color or a promise that you personally think is just dandy, and vote for that, and never mind anything else...

Carlos Ponce

Marion, have you noticed that those who vote fraudulently vote for candidates of "your" party?
Ohio Poll Worker Convicted On Multiple Counts Of Obama-Biased Voter Fraud

Jennifer Lance

So you favor corruption. Not surprised.

Morrow Cummings

You can have as many kids as you want. But somewhere along the line, taking personal responsibility for having those kids comes in. If I were flipping burgers for minimum wage, I'd think twice before I had as many kids as I could. And if they gave the burger flipper $30 an hour, do you know what you'd pay for a Happy Meal at the drive-in window? Then, you'd complain about that! If you don't like your lot in life, you might look at your party and the plantation they keep you on. And when they promise you half of what's in my bank account, don't keep on believing it for your vote. That's all they want..... your vote.

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