Isn’t it a conflict of interest when companies and professionals that do business with the city of Galveston donate large amounts of money to a candidate of choice? It sure appears that they want to buy influence at city hall.

The following contributions are from the official campaign finance reports of Jim Yarbrough, covering the period from Oct. 8, 2013 to March 31:

Dannenbaum Engineering: $20,000

Theresa Brady, Brady Interests: $5,000

Barry Goodman, Transportation Consultant: $2,500

Binkley & Barfield Engineering: $2,500

John Campbell, attorney & family: $2,250

Patrick Doyle: $2,000

Amani Engineering: $2,000

McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel law members: $1,100

Briones Consulting: $1,500

Isani Consultants: $1,500

The Johnson Development Group: $1,000

LAN-PAC Engineering, $1,000

Kelly Heffernan Heff Beach Concessions: $1,000

Galveston has a history of electing the wrong mayor. This time it looks like the wrong one is being bought. 

Galveston deserves a mayor that is elected by its citizens, not paid for. Elizabeth Beeton has steadfastly held the line against special interests for six years while on council and all of her campaign finance reports show real donations from residents and friends. Please vote for Galveston’s future and vote for a true independent — Elizabeth Beeton.


Ellen Morrison lives in Galveston

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Gary Miller

Campaign finance reform?
Require matching donnations to each candidate running for any position.

Amanda DeVries

You have to remember Ellen, officials are elected by the voters. These people that donate only have one vote, just like you and I. Your problem shouldn't be with the donors. It should be with the voters. The ones that don't vote. The ones that don't learn about their candidate. The ones that don't care and vote for stupid reasons, like "I go hunting with her husbands best friends brother in law". That's where the problem is. Not with campaign finance. Until you can cure voter apathy and voter ignorance, I'm afraid you get what the majority votes for. So get out and get people to vote. Get people to learn about the candidates.

Ellen Morrison

Ah, Mom, you're really dreaming now. Nobody wants to learn anything, they just want to have uninformed opinions.

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