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I think that Junior Varsity Terror group called ISIS has proven they are a force to be reckoned with. Once again we are a day late and a dollar short! This group should have been addressed a coupled of years ago, BEFORE they had a chance to grow to the size and in the power they now are in.
That 3AM telephone warning the Clintons threw out there in 2008 is looming big right about now. When you are in the big time you have to perform big time. You have to anticipate, and be guided by divine wisdom.
Another thing the warning that Mr. JBG and a few others threw out there concerning back-stabbing those JEWS, ..... is looming big also! The chickens are coming home to roost so to speak. In laymen speak,.....YOU mess those JEWS,...somebody is going to MESS with you! I would quote scripture and verses but many will never be ready to believe it, even if an Arch-Angel stood on a cloud and boldly announced it.
Many I suppose, are from Missouri and have to be shown. Get ready to lose more American lives in a war, which could have been prevented. Another thing, if what many people suspect is true,....and that is ISIS has sleeper cells already laying wait in this country, ( ..and there is no reason why they could not have accomplished this already ) ....seeing as how at least one half of our citizens in this country don't see a need for BORDER SECURITY,....I'd say tighten your belt-buck, and be sober, as well as vigilant,....because the possibility is real that another 911 strike could happen on American soil!
These people are not playing folks! This is one reason I view rhetoric condemning border security as astounding and incomprehensible! One terrorist stood before a camera, and stated that he and his friends would one day fly a black flag over the White House. Was he high on something? I don't know and it does not matter!
He had resolve, and the Viet Cong had resolve. That is why we have 58,267 names of our love ones on a pretty black wall in DC. Freedom has a price, and we to this day have never purchased it, ....we've only paid installments on it, from one generation, to another!

George Croix

It's not a matter of can't do those things.
It's a matter of won't do them.

It's bad for the ideology du jour to suppress illegal entry to the country, and to call terrorists, terrorists.

I wonder if, had Rome had conquered Scotland, Nero would have golfed, rather than fiddled as it burned....

Kevin Lang

So, count you, too, as being in favor of monitoring American Citizens footsteps and conversations wherever they may be in the world?

I thought you were for smaller government. Please don't tell me that we should have one government person to watch over each of us non-government folks, and then a few other layers of people watching the people watching us. That might fix our unemployment problem. Wouldn't help at all in our deficit, though, I presume.

I think the government should send me and the people watching me to Bali, Maldives, Thailand, etc. to watch me not try to join a terrorist group. I'll try not to enjoy the trip too much, since, in addition to my money, the trip is being financed with other people's money and other generation's money. But, we need to make sure those government people have something to do.

Kevin Lang

Because you can't have it both ways. We tried spying on our own people. Or, at least that's what Edward Snowden has told us. And when he did, the politicians went bonkers. So, now you want the government to spy on us whenever we leave the country. Or, is it that you want the government to spy on ME as well as everyone you aren't sure of, but you want them to keep their eavesdropping out of your life?

If I were so inclined, I suppose I could train to be a terrorist in Galveston County, Wyoming, Canada, UK, and a host of other states and countries. I don't have to go to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or any other Middle Eastern country to get terrorist training.

Now, when it comes to terrorist organizations operating in other countries, it appears to me that we have NEVER had a program for trying to infiltrate, crack, destroy, or anything else like that for any organization that is doing dirty work we support. We let them grow because they were helping to undercut Assad in Syria. We let al-Qaeda grow because they opposed the Russians in Afghanistan.

We don't learn, and we probably won't, because we are very poor at determining when we're being used within an alliance, and definitely poor at recognizing when those allies don't want us anymore. I think that some would say that part of the reason here is that we're blinded by oil in the Middle East.

George Croix

Out there in Hyperbole Land do they just stamp any passport for anyone, and never take note of who/what/where/why?
I don't recall the articles' author mentioning domestic terror - nor did I....
How about simple crime, like murder? I personally don't think we should wait for the hammer to fall if we get a solid tip about a plan for one. Seems a bit foolish to me to not do the same for even bigger fish that should be fried...
The subject was quite specifically aimed at those 'overseas contingency operations' types....
Being an illegal alien is a crime... I kinda think it's a good idea to know where flouters of our laws ares. Including the more famous ones...[beam]
Such passion for things the way they are not.
It's positively Presidential level...[beam][beam][beam][beam]
President Kevjlang...
Got a ring to it.

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