Houston reported another deadly incident of road rage, and I bet you’re wondering why Galveston County is so free of these dumb-dumb drivers.

Yes, Galveston County has slowpoke drivers, people who box other cars in, tailgaters and those who brake excessively. Yet, for the most part, the folks in Galveston County are happy people who have better things to do with their time than exhibit road rage. You have to go back almost three years to find a reported road rage incident in the county.

According to Web M.D., the root cause of road rage is that “road ragers don’t see the offender as a person.” Because Galveston County is a good place to live with good jobs, good fishing and good barbecue, we drive to accommodate others, for the most part.

Just in case you’ve forgotten the commandments of happy driving, here are some tips from a driver’s ed guru:

1. Don’t tailgate.

2. Be mindful of your lights.

3. Help other cars merge.

4. Keep the left lane clear.

Remember, with summer approaching, keep your speed safe and only brake for good food.

Clarence Cope

Texas City

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