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Kathy Maddox

You are an idiot![beam]

Carlos Ponce

cocodrie2013, how about live capture traps? We'll just release them in your back yard. [beam]

Kathy Maddox

I've seen coyotes in several neighborhoods I've lived in. They don't bother me a bit, Carlos! I'm also not one of those "not in my back yard jerks". I feel honored every time I see a wild critter. I also have small animals & take precautions with them. So there![beam]

Carlos Ponce

Good, send us your address and we'll send you all the coyotes. I hope your neighbors don't mind. People in my neighborhood shoot coyotes, bobcats, wolves, gators and venomous snakes. We'll be glad to send you these as well.

Kathy Maddox

Bobcats & wolves? Really? You must not live around here. By the way, anyone that shoots a bobcat should themselves be shot![beam]

Carlos Ponce

I live in Galveston County. We have Bobcats and wolves. There has also been a sighting of a cougar but we all surmise it is someone's escaped pet. When they go after you and yours, we shoot. No brag, just fact. It's the law of the land. A man gotta do what a man's gotta do. And sometimes a woman can do the job too!

George Croix

Why don't YOU, then, personally come shoot me, because I shoot every Bobcat I can draw a bead on at the lease. The fawns appreciate the effort. Bring two guns, because I nail every coyote I can, too.
How about hogs? Like them? Well, then bring more ammo, because I do my best to make as much bacon out of as many as I can.
Those 'non-dangerous' animals that 'just eat mice and rabbits'; haven't gotten the mesaage in East Texas yet....
I love Disney movies....but, the animals don't REALLY talk, you know....


Kathy Maddox

Are you one of those hillbilly guys on "Deliverance"?[beam]

George Croix

No kin that I know of....

I simply spent a great deal of my growing up IN the East Texas woods, seeing what really goes on, versus reading about it...
Some of the stuff that the 'harmless' animals do is rarely if ever found in the PETA literature....[beam][beam]

Carlos Ponce

However, cocodrie2013 does remind me of that critter loving gal from the hills Elly May Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies. She loved those coyotes. [beam]

Ellen Morrison

Of course the GPD is going to say there isn't enough manpower to help the coyote "situation" - they are asking for money for more positions!

Casey Alan

Let's not forget the coyotes have been here before us. The more we move into their territory the more chances of things happening. The less food there is for them to eat the hungrier they get. Live trap them and release them back into nature. Texas is a big state it has plenty of woods to release them in


Yesterday and today, I saw a coyote running back and forth across 11 mile road during the day.

Jarvis Buckley

Nothing will happen unfortunately till they kill a pet of someone with a little influence. Then the coyote
Problem will be taken care of. That's the way it works in Galveston.

Mike Leahy

" A Modest Proposal"...

I must wonder to whose erudition we owe this Swiftian literary reference: Mr.Moriarty, or an unknown GDN headline writer?

My guess is a GDN headline writer, as a comparison to Swift's satirical pamphlet would be about backwards to the letter writer's suggestion here.

Blanca Bell

Typical of Mr. Moriarty, let's kill anything that "could" be responsible for the death of a pet. What next? Kill every snake in the world just because thay could hurt someone. Catch and relocate is the answer tough guy.

Steve Fouga

Man, I hate to hear of a pet being killed. They don't realize the dangers facing them, unless they're taught, and most aren't.

Personally, I like the coyotes. But I also believe in keeping pets safe in houses, inside fences, or on leashes. True, it's hard to keep cats buttoned up, but in my experience cats are good at avoiding confrontations -- not always, but usually. Small dogs, on the other hand, may as well have "Bite me here" written on them.

When I lived in Fort Worth it was commonly known that coyotes ranged pretty much everywhere in the city. Last time I was in Denver I saw one downtown. Coyotes live any place humans do. They like it, because we provide food. Simple as that.

I do think that if coyotes were eradicated from Galveston Island, they'd have a hard time coming back. Tall order to eradicate them, though.

Jim Forsythe

I have eaten most of the following, but not a fan of most.
It's only proper to eat what you kill or give it to somebody that will. Such as groundhog, muskrat,raccoon,beaver,rattle snake,chicken,mink,weasel,opposumm, bobcat. I have talked with those who have eaten mountain lion and found it delicious. So, who knows it might be so with bobcat

Coyote Soup
Coyote Hind quarter
cooking oil
2 cups red wine
3 onions, chopped
1 garlic clove
salt and pepper
2 cabbage heads, chopped
8 potates, chopped

Cut meat into chunks and brown in oil. Add wine, onions, garlic, salt and pepper and your other favorite spices. Cook for 30 minutes. Add cabbage and potatoes. Cook until tender. Serve with hot biscuits or corn bread.

Steve Fouga

Lots of veggies in that recipe. Almost wouldn't matter what meat you put in it; I'd be thankful to find it.

The best wild game I've had -- I kid you not -- is armadillo. Very moist and oily, with a flavor that reminds me of both duck and pork.

Then I found out armadillos carry leprosy, and I quit messing with them. Can't say I've tried coyote or bobcat, but I bet my dad did as a boy. They ate anything they could catch or shoot.

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