Daily News readers sound off about the May election.

Over the past six years, Elizabeth Beeton has proved herself again and again as a major scrutinizer of many deals before the city council that seemed to benefit special interests rather than the average citizen.

By being focused on neighborhood improvements, she didn’t take “pro-business” on faith as many in the city council did, but questioned taking advantage of the ignorance of their fellow citizens.

This certainly did not make her popular with potential donors, as can be seen by “Yarbrough leading in contributions, gifts from individuals,” (Daily News, April 13), which showed her dead last in campaign contributions.

As an independent mind, she will not have to please donors from Houston and elsewhere, contrary to her competitors. After the court has made its decision about public housing one way or other, we should soon have this fiasco behind us.

The new mayor and city council will finally be able to make a decision about major infrastructure investments that were held up because of controversy. We need somebody that can both lead and scrutinize sweetheart deals and take major steps to move us forward.

Peter Santschi


(3) comments

GW Cornelius

You got to be kidding me. Beeton would be a disaster.

Steve Fouga

None of these candidates would be a disaster. All are solid. Wish the City could somehow take advantage of the best qualities of each.

Robert Young

Yarbrough is the one who can organize and get a consensus for results,, Beeton is very opinionated and not approachable. She won't be able to accomplish much.

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