The City Council in League City voted 6-2 on Tuesday night in support of a resolution that would prohibit city departments from cooperating with federal directives or requests to process or house undocumented immigrants.

Am I the only one who sees the irony or is it great hypocrisy in a League City City Council that takes its case to court to be able to pray at council meetings and then works to pass a resolution to keep out all those awful, dangerous children from Central America who might need asylum, mercy and compassion from League City Christians who so believe in prayer?

The good people of League City might want to reread Luke 10: 25-37. It leaves little question as to who our neighbors are — Jesus indicated loving our neighbors was the second greatest commandment to loving Him.

Carole Gard


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Carlos Ponce

No irony here, just a difference in priorities. Children were brought here under false pretenses, promises, a"pie in the sky" dream. I believe the best thing for these children is to reunite them with their parents in Central America. The United States is a great Country but not exactly what the parents were told nor promised. "Coyotes" charge thousands to get each person to the United States. If conditions were so dire in Central America where are the parents finding that kind of money?

Kevin Lang

I'm perfectly fine with reuniting them with their families. However, what limb are you out on with respect to how they get from being on our border to their homes way across Mexico? Is that something we should even care about? I know there are no "free" options, because even if we used National Guard troops to turn them around, we still have to pay those troops. And, if we were to do that, and something bad happened to them during their return trips, are we free to feel guiltless?

We certainly have to solve the problem, however, we also have to deal with the symptoms until we do.

Lars Faltskog

One immediate symptom is to face the fact that quite a few second language children will be enrolling in our schools. I doubt if LC will be "exempt" from that burden, so whatever dreams they have of keeping the community "English only" will soon fade by August.

Kevin Lang

I don't know that there's much of anything known. What I do perceive, though, is that there isn't much interest in knowing anything other than that they're on their way home and hoping that the next batch will get some message to not even try. I guess that no one's going to try different tactics if this plan to get in doesn't work out?

So far, League City has taken a stand on at least one solution ingredient it doesn't want to be a part of. I don't think League City has taken a stand for any part of any solution. So, does that mean that League City would rather be part of the problem?

George Croix

LC has shown that it is not a place where tis folly to be wise.
That's a good thing...

Lars Faltskog

Well said, Carole. As some folks have mentioned, I think the intention of these LC municipal people are to make national headlines via ridiculous means. Then again, I'm sure there's plenty of suburbia-type bedroom inhabitants who have the "not in my backyard" mentality. It doesn't sound humane, doesn't sound "Christian". But, least I can find a prayer session to attend if I go to one of their city hall meetings!

Curtiss Brown

Good Letter.

Robert Young


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