Galvestonians: we have the opportunity to elect the best mayor this island has had in a long time. Jim Yarbrough is a man of integrity, a man of vision, a team builder and a man of intellect and common sense.How do I know this? I worked for Yarbrough for 13 years before his election as Galveston County Judge. I have seen him bring people together to work for a common goal. I have seen him give credit for success to the team, not an individual. He leads with respect. I have also seen him stand strong in the face of adversity.Jim believes in a campaign based on issues and abilities and he doesn’t believe in dirty politics. It’s time for Galveston to turn over a new leaf in city government. His experience and abilities will serve us well. Let’s not miss this opportunity. Vote for JimYarbrough for mayor.

Lou Graves Macbeth


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Jarvis Buckley

That is a very nice letter. Talking about the virtues of your friend, JY and not
Once talking negative about EB or DM . Big Jim is fortunate to have such a
Quality friend.

Ron Shelby

I absolutely agree. I worked for him for 12 years while he was county judge. One of the best and sharpest people you'll ever work with.

Doyle Beard

what did he do on the economic job for the city?

Steve Fouga

Lou, nice testimonial. Please list a few of Mr Yarbrough's plans to improve Galveston.

Please don't say integrity, leadership, intelligence, or ability to build consensus. Those are qualities, not plans. Please don't say county judge or banker. Those are experience, not plans. Please don't say Justice Center. That's an accomplishment, not a plan. Please don't list prominent backers -- those are negatives, not positives.

I'm looking for reasons to vote for this guy, and NOBODY is stating any.

Ethel MacBeth

I can not speak for Jim on issues. However, please email me at and I will give you Jim's personal cell and email. He will be happy to discuss issues with you.

Steve Fouga

Thanks for the offer, Lou. It's nice to know Mr Yarbrough would be willing to talk one-on-one.

But I think a person seeking office should be open, forthright and transparent with their intentions for the people and place they desire to govern. Extremely transparent. With voting beginning in the morning, he should already have made his intentions clear as part of his campaign.

I'm not absolutely positive why Mr Yarbrough hasn't done this, but I can only surmise that 1) he knows his plans for Galveston would not be viewed favorably by a majority of voters, and 2) he knows that Galveston voters are sheeplike enough to vote for him without his revealing a platform.

Shrewd politician.

Ethel MacBeth

The News has a link to the questionnaire filled in by all candidates for Mayor. Please review all - I think it will be beneficial.

Ellen Morrison

oops, hit the wrong button there. Meant to reply.

Anyway. I don't think JY's questionnaire responses are very specific.
Truth is, he's been living the majority of his time off-island - according to an affadavit that he swore AND that I have a copy of.

He doesn't really know what he'd do as mayor because he hasn't been paying attention. Unless, of course, he does what he's told.

Steve Fouga

I read the questionnaire answers. I thought Jim Yarbrough's were good. I disagree with some of what he wants to do, so for that reason I won't vote for him. Mrs. Beeton's answers more closely match my desires than those of the other candidates. I already knew they would, because she had made it clear all along.

George Croix

Like too many campaigns, the useful tangible reasons to vote for someone are hidden, when or if they exist, behind the most prevalent reason given.
'Vote for that guy, because I just KNOW he/she's the best'.

Sound familiar...[wink][rolleyes]

Robert Young

I'll give you two reasons ,, The first reason I'm voting for him (1), He's not running down his opponents in the paper! He is good man and a class act from top to bottom. (2) It appears he does not have a special interest plan in place that is bought and paid for.. FYI Any new CEO get hired first and then fully identify the organizations needs and their priority. Then move forward. He is not one to make hollow promises to get elected. I think he will evaluate the issues, listen to the citizens THEN move the city forward in a organized professional manner that serves the best interest of the city of Galveston. Anything else would be premeditated special interest agenda. That's what I don't want. Who needs a hardheaded mayor who wont listen to the city that elected them? Jim Yarbrough will listen to you and I believe he will consider everyone's position. He is very approachable..That's what I want. I tried to talk to Beeton and Mafridge.. Both wouldn't give me the time of day.

Steve Fouga

" It appears he does not have a special interest plan in place that is bought and paid for.. "

Hahahahahahahah! [beam]

Come on, justaman, you can't be serious. You MUST be kidding. He's the one with the most special interest backing!

Approachable, though, for sure. It's amazing how important that is for some voters. I just heard of a voter declaring she wouldn't vote for Tarlton because she seemed hard to talk to. This is after Terrilyn was the only person on council with enough knowledge to protest our new flood maps and lobby for the repeal of Biggert-Waters.

Robert Young

Correction, JY is the one with most everyone's backing

Steve Fouga


Yeah, I'm afraid you're right, justaman. It's clear why Galveston is such a consistent underachiever.


Miss Priss

Jake seems to be tougher on JY ..... It could just mean that he expects more out of JY than the others because the other two running have yet to define their goals sufficiently.

The problem with Beeton and Mafrige is ability for others to follow...... Get behind..... Beeton wants to argue and beatton an issue to death .... And that's okay but at some point an individual must produce results.

Miss Priss

She does not have the mindset to do the role of a mayor .....too much like an attorney and debate the issues until everyone gives up. Is that effective all of the time ? Is it okay for someone to be like on the team? Sure it is just not the person ultimately in charge. It's worse than others following blindly in consensus.

Linda Vaccaro

How about "Don't Miss an Opportunity to NOT vote for Jim Yarbrough!"

Ellen Morrison

Yeah, a vote for JY is just like voting for Rosen. Yuck. Same old, same old. Except I'm sure JY wouldn't be quite the rude curmudgeon that LR has shown himself to be.

I'm amazed at how dense the voting population is on this island.

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