Regarding Michael Mowry’s letter about Ted Nugent (“Professor should leave Nugent alone,” The Daily News, March 3), no one is opposing Nugent’s right to speak. It’s his actions and words that are offensive. Look up his song “Jailbait” about wanting to have sex with a 13-year-old. It ends with him asking an officer not to arrest him, but to put the cuffs on her and he’ll share her. He admits to having affairs with minor girls and has described it as “beautiful.”

His racist and sexist comments are well-documented, as is his faking mental illness — by his own admission — to avoid the draft. I’m glad to hear his babble and then see a city or state politician trotting him out. I want to know: what politician approves of a racist, sexist, draft-dodging pedophile?

Now, regarding Benghazi — no stand-down order was ever given. Before a congressional committee, the CIA and contractors reported they chose to delay aid while waiting for reinforcements. Their testimony is online if you look. Second, the National Defense Authorization Act is drafted and passed by Congress. President George W. Bush signed the first version in 2001 after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. Next, it was Mike Dickinson, the lone person running for Congress, who wrote that, in his opinion, the Federal Communications Commission should monitor and regulate Fox News.

Kathleen Jeffcoat

La Marque

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Carlos Ponce

I am not a fan of Ted Nugent's music but if you look at the timeline behind the release of "Jailbait" I truly believe he was mocking the Hollywood Left's support of Roman Polanski who drugged and raped a 13-year old girl in Jack Nicholson's house. If you read Roman Polanski's interviews given in 1979, you will see them echoed in the lyrics of "Jailbait". Whoopi Goldberg defended Polanski saying it wasn't rape-rape. Over 100 of the Hollywood left signed a petition urging the release of director Roman Polanski including Woody Allen and Martin Scorcese.

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