In a response to the Rev. James E. Daniels ("These dark days will pass," The Daily News, Dec. 14): In my amplified Bible, let's start with Luke 6:37-42. It addresses judging others. It says we are not to do this. John 8:1-8 says he who is without sin cast the first stone. Romans 14:1-13 says do not condemn he whose faith is weak. Galatains 6:1-6 talks about self pride.

These verses show me the folly of declaring who is and who is not a Christian. God knows the hearts of men, it does not mean man knows the heart secrets of another. The Bible also says in verses that people who have spiritually resurrected: Love God, love the people of God, are drawn to prayer, study and obey the word of God and put sin to death in their lives.

There has been nothing that has been made public that shows that the president or the vice president are anything but Christians. Being angry over the election does not qualify for anyone to judge the faith of another. Be glad it went like it did. The alternative was pure evil. Carry on and all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Gaylon Ray

Texas City


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Iris M Crow

[innocent][sad] Thanks Gaylon! Your thoughts are the most refreshing I’ve seen published ever. Thanks again, my Christian brother. Have a Joyful Jesus day![spam]

Iris M Crow

How do I delete this comment??? It has emoticons that I didn’t intend to be here. They pop up automatically. Please DAILY NEWS DELETE THIS COMMENT!!!! THANKS!

Diane Turski

Ha! Ha! I guess it must be "Opposite Day" again regarding the "alternative was pure evil" in the White House!

Carlos Ponce

"alternative was pure evil" is not the way I would have put it, but it is his opinion. Take a chill pill Diane or sip on your beverage of choice. Now relax and enjoy the great economy, tax reductions for everyone, the lowest unemployment rate in years, the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for 13 states (

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