After the House voted on a clean bill to raise the debt limit, it went to the Senate where only 51 votes were needed to approve this bill. Since the Senate has more than 51 Democrats, it seemed to be a slam-dunk — but not so. Sen. Ted Cruz, desperate to embarrass his own party again, insisted the bill have a 60-vote threshold, therefore making it necessary for some Republicans to have to vote for cloture.

This is the same senator who insisted on shutting down the government in the fall, as he wanted to repeal ObamaCare.

There he goes again. He worked against his team so that he can embarrass and fundraise on those Republicans who had to vote on cloture, like Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Ronald Reagan would strongly disapprove of the actions of Sen. Cruz. Reagan liked to unite members of Congress; he worked across party lines and implemented the 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. All attributes that Sen. Cruz is not.

Those who say they are following in the footsteps of Reagan don’t know what they are talking about.

Jean Sember

Hawthorne, N.J.

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Claudia Burnam

Way to go Sen. Cruz! Keep up the good work!

Lars Faltskog

Well, this Cruz person, we already know, isn't a "team player" anyway. But, really, I can't understand all the accolades to exPres Reagan. He wasn't "all that", and certainly was not "all there".

I suppose we can split hairs and say Reagan respected his fellow repub colleagues much better than Cruz does nowadays. But, I don't see the relevance in that, especially since the end result of lately has been an entire Congressional organization that won't get things done.

Leon Lion

Your right sverge1, Senator Cruz is not a team player, being an 'inside the beltway (D.C.) team player' is what 's gotten the U.S. in the mess were in now. Senator Cruz is more popular today then he has ever been and I for one will be on 'His Team'.

Lars Faltskog

Within a year or two, we'll all be asking Cruz, "How is that workin' for ya." Typically, junior senators have no success when they do what Cruz has done. That has been true throughout the centuries'-old Congress. Ask any government professor.

Carlos Ponce

So you would recommend doing what the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama did, calling the sittting president un-American then voting not to extend the debt ceiling and actively campaigning against then President George W. Bush's policies. Seems like Ted Cruz is following in that senator's footsteps. Would you say the Junior Senator from Illinois had no success?

Gary Miller

Cruz is not a team player on the spineless GOP team. He is assembling a team with the fighting spirit to defeat America's enemeys. The Tea Party doesn't want him to run for president. Harry Reid's position as Senate leader is where he belongs. There are plenty of Presidential candidates among Republican governors.

Senators learn to please a political party, Governors learn how to run a government..

Chris Gimenez

Wow Ms. Sember, we are blessed with your insight all the way from one of the worst-run, highest-taxed, most left-wing states in the country? To what do we owe that pleasure? Are you afraid your Democrat-masquerading-as-a-Republican Governor might have some real competition if he runs for President in 2016?

I think Ronald Reagan would be aghast at a lot of things that have happened to our government in the last five years. The massive increase in debt, the explosion in entitlement benefits as a result of the relaxation of requirements to be eligible, the total capitulation to the despots of the world while squandering the respect it took so many Presidents before this one to earn, the utterly reckless fiscal policies that have resulted in the worst unemployment in decades-especially for blacks, and the total disregard for the Constitution for which Ronald Reagan had so much respect.

Ted Cruz is a symbol Ms. Sember. He's (mis)characterized as a right-wing extremist when in fact the GOP party has lost it's identity since Reagan and Mr. Cruz is really represents the ideals the GOP used to stand for.

Sorry sweetie but you need to look inward at the actions and conduct of those in your own party-Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hussein Obama, Dick Durbin, Diane Feinstein, and all the rest who have taken this country down the broken path it's on before you criticize a small number of Republicans who have the courage to truly represent their constituency.

Carlos Ponce

We elected Senator Ted Cruz on the promise that he would do everything in his power to do away with Obamacare. I am pleased with the senator's actions. Jean Sember repeats the Democratic mantra that Ted Cruz is the person who shut down government. Anyone who passed junior high social studies or saw the cartoon "I'm just a Bill". knows there is NO way he could do that. It was Senator HARRY REID who shut down government. And Jean Sember is from Hawthorne, New Jersey. Really! GDN readers will recognize a "carpetbagger" when they see one or in this case read their writings in OUR local paper.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 7:12 am on Thu, Mar 6, 2014,
Response to bvresident posted at 6:53 am on Thu, Mar 6, 2014:

I think the jist of what Sember was writing is to accurately point out that Mr. Cruz is ineffectively (and damagingly) assembling within the Congressional chambers.

Has he yielded positive results from what's he's done and said? That's yet to be seen. It very well could be that if he continues his behavior, another republican challenger could usurp his standing, in essence, defeat him in the next primaries. No one likes to have around a team member who possesses negativity and baggage, especially if the member is of "junior" status.

Chris Gimenez

Response to Servitude1. You don't dispute anything I've said about the state of this union under your President. You only make baseless suppositions about what might happen to Cruz if he doesn't play nice with the GOP members who no longer serve the people but rather themselves. I don't think Mr. Cruz worries about whether he'll be re-elected, only about doing the right thing while he's in office.

District Attorney Jack Roady should follow his example.

Lars Faltskog

Well, bevoresident -
My intents to comment, by no means, take into account whether I dispute anything you say. But, this time in particular, I'll entertain your notion regarding the state of affairs under Obama. One thing I've experienced is a small reduction in my bi-weekly paycheck automated withdrawl - the contributions we make to my company's group health insurance. Job growth has moderately increased throughout the nation. We are on the heels of obtaining a justifyable minimum wage increase. All of these help many folks in the attainment of middle class status. Certainly not steps backwards.

Can you tell us what, in your life, has deteriorated from having BHO as our President since early 2009? I learned quite awhile ago that, regardless of who our executive leader is, my life will be minimally affected at best.

Now, in regard to this particular letter and posting, my comments remain. If the likes of Cruz wants to "make a difference", he (like any other legislator) has to do the reaching across the aisle. It is not his "bully pulpit".

Chris Gimenez

Your post is so typical of those on the left. While you're talking points are always about "equality and fairness" for all-which of course is a pipe-dream philosophy, ultimately you make decisions based on self rather than others.

The big picture is your president's complete disregard for our fiscal indebtedness, for our standing and respect in the world, for those in the military who gave up so much and came home to reduced benefits and shameless treatment by the VA, for his abuses of the IRS and the Justice Dept. to target his political enemies, for his complete unwillingness to come clean on the murders of our Ambassador and three others in Benghazi, for his refusal to abide by the Constitution, for his threat to shut the government down if obamacare was changed-and then changing it himself illegally more than 30 times, and on and on and on.

Glad you're getting a little more money in your paycheck. There are millions of others who are getting the shaft so you can get your discount.

Gary Miller


No one likes to have around a team member who possesses negativity and baggage.
Pretty good example of your posts don't ya think?

Wes SF

Good Job Senator Cruz, despite what the idiots think. We are very proud of your efforts here in the great state of Texas. All of your endorced candidates made the first cut and will be there soon to help you. Hang tough.

Gary Miller

Ted Cruz has set himself a difficult path. Restoring backbone in the GOP.
The GOP has become the Democrat light party, go along to get along, getting re elected is more important than America.
Cruze candidates across Texas won their primaries or are leading their second rounds. Cruze candidates could be the top vote getters all across America this year.
Harry Reid made the Senate the graveyard of legislation for 8 years. When Cruz replaces Reid as senate leader he'll get congress working again. Passing legislation that targets waste, fraud, theft and corruption running rampant in entitlement program budgets. One third of the federal budget is money added to entitlement budgets for the waste, fraud, theft and corruption.

Lars Faltskog

Response to IHOG posted at 10:15 am on Thu, Mar 6, 2014:

Well, I've never read or heard a breath said regarding Cruz being able to take over as senate leader. That prized position goes to much more seniored and experienced Senate members. If Cruz is lucky enough to serve at least one more term, then perhaps that is possible.

However, with his emerging reputation as a government shutterdowner, I would think big waves would come across to the entire Republican wing of the Senate if any of them even considered supporting such a move for him to be Leader.

I think the majority of posters in this thread this morning are looking at an imagined reality that folks who "buck the system" receive subsequent accolades and leadership rewards. That almost never happens. Cruz is no "hero".

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 11:16 am on Thu, Mar 6, 2014,
Response to IHOG posted at 10:28 am on Thu, Mar 6, 2014:

Well, bevoresident, unless you're a VFW who is returning from service "getting the shaft", then you haven't answered as to how the Obama presidency has personally hurted you. I have a VFW cousin who came back from tours of duties. He hasn't indicated his disdain toward our President. So, conclusive equation:

bvoresident = inexplicably unaffected, yet angry

As for IHOG - I'll leave it up to the readers to see how they rate you in regard to tolerance and positivity, or negativity.

Chris Gimenez

You know Servitude, there will always be a segment of our society who will persevere just because that's the way we were raised or it's in our genes or whatever. While you want to hear how I've been personally hurt by your president I don't look at the success or distress of this country to be about me. It's about the country as a whole and that's obviously something you have difficulty getting your head wrapped around. It's okay though because you still can't dispute the factual failures I've posted about your president. But apparently the Messiah is losing the irrational exuberance that trumpeted his ascension to the highest office in this country with nothing more than the required skin color as his bonafides.

Lars Faltskog

Well, bvresident -
I have an article that clearly delineates that states who vote "red" republican are typically the most fearful, poverty-stricken states. And, adding to that, these red states take back more $ to the federal government than give:

Jim Forsythe

Also sverige1
“States having above-average high schools voted Democratic 64% and Republican 24%; states having below-average high schools voted Republican 78% and voted Democratic 22%”
“These strong statistical correlations suggest that our nation's most poorly-educated people vote Republican, and that blind loyalty to either party decreases as levels of education improve”
Educational Rankings of the United States
by John R. Carlsen

Chris Gimenez

What you have is a piece of left-wing propaganda by the Huff-N-Puff Post that was created by a left-wing academic group called the Equality of Opportunity Project. It's results prove nothing other than groups like this can and will create results that confirm their beliefs.

Check out their inhabitants and tell me which one is anything other than a leftist redistributionalist.

Now here's a more accurate mapping of which states get the most federal money per capita and it explains-which is something your article doesn't-just exactly how and why that money is received.

Here's a question for you Servitude. Which state (TEXAS) is providing more job opportunity than any Blue State? If all the Blue States are so wonderful why are they leaving them in droves?

Just for some accurate perspective I leave you with a Blue State "Success" story.

Jim Forsythe

The fox calling huffingtonpost propaganda. I know that Fox news never slants the news!

Carlos Ponce

"I know that Fox news never slants the news!" You are right Bigjim!
The Huffington Post is not known for being fair and balanced. Definitely skewed to the extreme left.

Chris Gimenez

They don't slant the news. Their opinion people don't try to hide their views and they usually have offsetting viewpoints from the left and also from the right side. You don't find that on MSNBC and CNN. Perhaps that's why their ratings on in the dump and FOX is riding high.

Chris Gimenez

BigJim and Servitude1 are too predictable to take seriously. John Carlsen is a whack job.

Here's a more objective survey of the relationship between who votes Democrat/Republican and the level of education.

"The Democratic Party continues to hold a solid advantage among African-Americans, Jews, Hispanics, liberals, women, people who did not finish high school, lower-income individuals, and seculars.

Republicans have a big edge among conservatives and White Evangelical Protestants, and hold smaller but significant advantages among middle- and upper-income citizens and whites. The parties are about equally represented among people with college experience, White Catholics, and men."


The left continues its self-delusional belief that Democrats are "smarter" because they are more educated when in fact the Pew survey proves their premise is a complete falsehood. Most Democrats never finish high school and that correlates to the entitlement mindset of the left.

Jim Forsythe

If predictable can not be taken serious then unpredictable can be taken serious? Which one are you Bvresident?
“The percentage of Republicans and leaners who rate the party’s performance positively has fallen 12 points since the GOP took control of the House in November 2010, according to a Pew Research survey last month. Over the past decade, the only time Republicans have been more negative about their party was in April 2009 — in the wake of Barack Obama’s election victory — when 21% rated the job it was doing as excellent or good. Democrats, on the other hand, have become more likely to say their party is standing up for its traditional positions. Roughly half of Democrats and those who lean Democratic (49%) rated their party as doing an excellent or good job on things such as protecting minorities’ interests, representing working people and helping the poor and needy. This is up 11 points from August 2011, but about the same as November 2010.” By Seth Motel and Carroll Doherty7 from pew report people-press.

Chris Gimenez

BJ, I wish I could answer your question as to why democrats are delusional about their party's supposed successes in the face of overwhelming facts proving otherwise but I'm not a psychologist and therefore can't provide the clinical explanation.

I know my party has lost it's compass and that's why I support Cruz and Lee and the others backed by the Tea Party movement. It's time to stand against the destruction being wrought on this country by the left.

To your "survey" result, " Roughly half of Democrats and those who lean Democratic (49%) rated their party as doing an excellent or good job on things such as protecting minorities’ interests, representing working people and helping the poor and needy", I would ask the follow-up question which is where the dems get the deer-in-the-headlights look. Just what has the democraty party done under obama to protect minorities' interests, represent working people, and help the poor and needy?

It's no different than this view by the dems which they couldn't provide any support for.

It's a rather bizarre affliction the democrat party has of itself that it's smarter than the GOP but can't really explain with any definitiveness exactly how their smarter other than their own polling of themselves.

Jim Forsythe

“It's a rather bizarre affliction the democrat party has of itself that it's smarter than the GOP but can't really explain with any definitiveness exactly how their smarter other than their own polling of themselves”
By Seth Motel and Carroll Doherty from pew report people-press. People press is same source that you used
“The percentage of Republicans and leaners who rate the party’s performance positively has fallen 12 points since the GOP took control of the House in November 2010, according to a Pew Research survey last month. Over the past decade, the only time Republicans have been more negative about their party was in April 2009 "By Seth Motel and Carroll Doherty from pew report

Chris Gimenez

BJ, you seem to be trying to use someone's perception of different views within the Republican with democrats being smarter. Like I said-BIZARRE!

If anything, democrats remind me of sheeple who follow along with every crazy antic their leaders in Washington throw out. Republicans are able to accommodate all the different viewpoints that thinking individuals would be expected to have. Not so with democrats but if you think that makes you smarter then have at it.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 3:27 pm on Thu, Mar 6, 2014, ]
Response to Bigjim posted at 2:47 pm on Thu, Mar 6, 2014:

What would also be interesting in one of these studies is to have a question the researchers posed to the voters such as, "On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being 'most fearful': Are you fearful of those who are a different color, religion, or sexual orientation than you?"

The Republicans would very likely state "5" in heavily proportionate numbers. Republicans/Tea Partiers = Fearmongers

Chris Gimenez

"The Republicans would very likely state "5" in heavily proportionate numbers. Republicans/Tea Partiers = Fearmongers"

You're a complete loon.

Claudia Burnam

You got that right BV. My family is very mixed. Black. Hispanic and white. There's probasbly a few others I don''t know about. And also there are several gays. And I can say the vgst majority are conservative Republicans

Steve Fouga

I wonder where gecroix is... Usually he'd be all over a thread like this.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Jake Buckner posted at 8:10 pm on Thu, Mar 6, 2014:

I believe gecroix didn't renew his subscription, because due to Obama's policies, too much of his hard-earned $ was going to the poor and non-working persons' food stamps and Obamacare. Result: leaving no funds to mail in the required renewal subscriptions with remittance.

Steve Fouga

Some day I wish we could get a group of forum regulars together for a beer, or other beverage of our choice. What a hoot that would be...

Kevin Lang

What kind of beer do liberals and conservatives drink?

I also wonder what happened to gecroix. I doubt he's been run off. I'd guess he's busy doing something that doesn't allow him the play time for this.

Steve Fouga

Northern conservatives drink Schlitz or Pabst; southern ones, Lone Star. Northern liberals prefer Heineken or Stella Artois; southern ones, Corona.

By northern and southern, I mean the U.S., not North and South County.

Independent/non-affiliated voters drink Shiner or Dos Equis; at least that's what the one in my house drinks. I don't always drink beer. But when I do, I drink Dos Equis. Or Shiner.


Lars Faltskog

Response to Jake Buckner posted at 9:57 pm on Thu, Mar 6, 2014:

The first vision that popped into my mind was me walking up to IHOG at the establishment and shaking his hand, being totally surprised that he behaves like a perfectly reasonable person. Cordial, well-behaved, tolerant, and accepting, and normal.

Lars Faltskog

Esp. to bevoresident -
You made reference to Huff Post. Here's a good HuffPost article that shows top 10 first names who are "republican" -

Carlos Ponce

Here's an article on what to name your baby if you are a Democrat:

Ironic they include the name "Gunner" for a "left wing baby".

Lars Faltskog

"Gunner" possibly has the Scandanavian derivative of "Gunnar" or "Gunnarr". "Gevar" is Swedish word for "gun".

Carlos Ponce

"Gunnar" is a variant of the German name "Gunther" both meaning battler, warrior. Still ironic for a left wing baby name. So "Gevar" is Swedish for gun? You're saying Swedes have guns? And I thought they were so liberal.[beam]

Chris Gimenez

I almost feel guilty about responding to you-it's like taking a bowl of milk from a kitten.

Here's the group providing the data you're getting so excited about.

"Thanks to data from Clarity Campaign Labs, a progressive analytics consulting firm.."

A PROGRESSIVE ANALYTICS CONSULTING firm. In other words, an extreme left-wing group whose data is only useful to people who read garbage like the Huff-N-Puff Post. If you had asked someone to finish reading the article to you, you would have seen this.

"While the top 10 Republican names are all traditionally male names, the top Democratic names, according to Clarity data, typically include more traditionally female names."

Republicans = Manly names
Democrats = Girly-man names

Lars Faltskog

Well, bevoresident -
I read that last part about the democrat-traditionally more female name, and my response is - so what? We live in a society where male/female qualities are more blurred and not so distinct as they used to be.

So, can you deliniate what you consider a "girly-man" name? And, if they are girly-man named, would you treat such a person differently than a more manly person? If so, that speaks volumes of your character.

Chris Gimenez

Servitude, you want to give credit to some of the article and discredit what's inconvenient for you. Isn't that called "The Al Gore" syndrome? Male/female qualities are blurred? There's something blurry here alright. Your thought processes.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 10:32 am on Fri, Mar 7, 2014:

Yes, bevoresident -
Blurred in the sense that male and female roles in 2014 are varied and enmeshed. EX: women are known now to do the household plumbing. Men do a lot of the cooking in the kitchen. Moms and Dads allow their sons to play with dolls and enroll in a dance class. Daughters are no longer shunned if they want to take an HVAC class. An individual who wants gender reassignment, I may not understand why, but I will accept and love the person just the same.

Call my brain blurred, but I've come up to the 21st century.

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