I urge all my friends in Galveston to vote for Diana Bertini for Galveston City Council District 5 on May 10.

No doubt the current City Council, with few exceptions, has not done the job of pulling Galveston out of its current depressed situation with a fired city manager, a no-win crisis in public housing and a delayed and much too slow recovery from Hurricane Ike. I believe Bertini has the knowledge, commitment and ability to help a new City Council overcome these problems.

Most of the news has been on the mayor’s race, and who is mayor will be very important, but you also have to have a competent and dedicated council to make Galveston work. I believe that Bertini has what it takes on a City Council position to move Galveston to where is should be.

I have known Bertini for about 12 years and have worked with her many years on the Prevent Blindness Gulf Coast board of directors.

She did a great job there, and I know she will do an exceptional job on the Galveston City Council. She is a top-notch attorney with years of practice in Galveston and now offices in Texas City.

Ray Holbrook

Santa Fe

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Steve Fouga

I think Diana Bertini will make a nice candidate for city council after Terrilyn Tarlton serves her 3 terms.

There is NO reason to replace Terrilyn Tarlton at this time. None. In my opinion she has been the MOST effective council member.

Bill Broussard

Ditto jake

Ellen Morrison

Well, she has certainly been one of the most directly responsive COGCC members we've had in a long time. Her constituents love her and I would hope there isn't a serious chance she won't remain on Council after next Saturday.

Sharon Muehlberger

Interestingly enough, not all constituents love their current council representatives or believe that their representative is effective.

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