A comment was made by Elisabeth Pelham (“Park Board is dealing with the seaweed,” Daily News, Aug. 1) asking if one had a better plan as to what to do with the seaweed.

Yes I do — leave it be, let Mother Nature take her course and be done with it.

I know it’s nasty and it stinks, but I’ve been dealing with it for the last 16 years, and it is what it is.

If she could see how bad the Park Board is tearing up our beaches, maybe she’d understand.

I have many photos and videos of the Park Board digging down two feet deep and removing sand only to place it in the dunes, and drive front-end loaders down the beach half a mile to only come back with a bucket of sand.

Where are the workers getting the sand?

They can’t move the sand from one beach to another.

The Park Board needs to stop messing with the seaweed and everyone has to understand it’s Mother Nature, plain and simple.

By the way, I do work on the beach front and have for 16 years now.

Does anyone want to talk to me about it?

Kurt Schrimer


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Paula Flinn

Need to get rid of the smelly seaweed. It is gagging. Someone said it makes your allergies worse. I do not know about that, but it smells like rotting shellfish because that is what is trapped inside it.

If we have a storm, some of the stuff will be washed over the seawall. The rest of the stuff will float out and return with the tide. It looks and smells terrible. I know Miami, beaches in California, or Honolulu would do something about it besides put out all of this propaganda that it is so "good for the beach" and so "good for us."

Take it out to a remote place and burn it!

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