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Carlos Ponce

If you watched Hannity last night there were reports of many unmarked graves along the Texas border of those who didn't quite make it. The parents send their children atop a rail cars hooked to "The Beast" in hopes their children will get an education and a job in "the promised land" called the United States. They then turn around and blame "los Americanos diablos" when their children wind up dead, as sex slaves, prostitutes or status unknown. By the way, "The Beast" derailed again on July 10th. No one was killed - this time. There were 1300 Central Americans, mostly children, riding atop the the cars. After the train derailed they continued their trek north towards the United States on foot. Hannity continues his report tonight on FOX.


That is a shame Mr. Ponce! You what though? Freddy Fender was right in many cases when he song:

There's a land so I've been told
every street is paved with gold
And it's just across the borderline.
And when it's time to take your turn
Here's a lesson you must learn:
You could lose more than you ever
hoped to find.

And when you reach
the broken promised land
Every dream slips through your hand
And you know it's too late
to change your mind.
'Cause you paid the price
to come this far
Just to wind up where you are
And you're still just across
the borderline.

Kevin Lang

I don't expect many of us to understand the motivations here. I doubt that this is historically unique. In any event, we already know that we can't count on the country they're passing through to do anything about this. And, according to Congress, we can't count on the President to do anything about it either. And, so far, despite knowing this was happening for months now, Congress, apparently, isn't inclined to do anything about this. So, what laws do we follow? What ethics do we follow? How much humanity do we show?

Lars Faltskog

Numerous similar occurrences happen right here within the US. Moms/dads abandon their babies at fire stations (or in dumpsters). Parents trapse their children across the city or country and dump them on grandparents/siblings/aunts/uncles to take care of them.

Many of these children have attachment/disattachment issues. The majority are emotionally and physically traumatized. With this crisis, we'll have thousands who will need to learn English in "sheltered" school classrooms. There's not a thing we regular folks can do about it except to figure out how we can help in the most humane ways possible.

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