In response to a recent letter to the editor titled “To-do list for another kind of dummy,” published in the Daily News on May 13:

I do not vote a straight party ticket. I study the candidates and try to make a good choice. 

I have been a dues-paying union member for more than 43 years.

My grown children have good teeth. 

I really do believe big government is a detriment to the individual.

No person should believe any media source a 100 percent. 

I believe in term limits for all elected persons. 

I do not believe we have any statesmen in the vein of our Founding Fathers. 

These men risked life and fortune for their convictions. I am a strong supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights’ first 10 amendments.

Lastly, I believe we are in a moral decline as a nation. Atheists, dopers and gays are held in higher regard than ever before. The traditional family is fading away. Children have no respect for parents, teachers or even themselves. We have become a me-first society.

I know a lot of people will take issue with my thoughts. That is all right. Different opinions and civil disagreements are not a bad thing.

James Cleveland lives in Texas City

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E.J Petree

I agree with you 99.999% exceptt for your union participation.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Opinions about another man's union membership are like opinions about another man's choice of a wife. In others words, no one else's business.

Gary Miller

Bad wives and unions are alike. The result of poor choices.

Dorothy Holt

Great analysis, IHOG. In fact, a perfect analysis. Union members don't know how they are being taken for a ride by their leadership. And it is a very big ride that they do not participate.

George Croix

Well, that about sums it up for me, too, pretty close anyway.
As an aside, I never was a union member - I was hired in as salaried looong ago. However, I thank the union members where I worked for making it possible for me to enjoy good pay and benefits on their coattails, and in return I did the best I could my whole career to be fair to all who would allow me to be, and help them as much as they made possible, and be a supervisor for the crew , not just of it, knowing that was the secret of being one for the company's best interests, too. Some of what passed for managers never understood that concept, but then, at the end, i was still there, and they were long gone..
You get better effort out of people with the use of a helping hand than a heavy one, and that is fully compatible with keeping order.
You certainly get a better country out of the rest of the things in the article.

Gary Miller

My kind of "citizen" except.

My union involvement ranged from being a founder of a union before union coruption drove me to asist people wanting out of unions.
You were able to be good and union at the same time.
You'll never know how great you could have been if you had not been union.

Carolyn Meehan

Mr. Cleveland, my guess is you don't know that your neighbors and co-workers and anyone else you have positive daily contact with count gays and atheists among them.

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