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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 12 - The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

January 20, 2017

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 12

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Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:00 am

A sheriff in South Carolina made national news by refusing to lower the American flag to half staff in honor of Nelson Mandela. President Barack Obama ordered flags lowered to half-staff. Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark publicly refused.

Have we forgotten our own history?

On Dec. 7, 1941, 2,402 servicemen and women were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. That day passed without a mention of it. All I heard in the news was how great Nelson Mandela was. Have we forgotten our own history? We lowered the flags, but in my eyes, I did it for Pearl Harbor week.

I respect great people for their endeavors, but when that day falls on an American remembrance day like Veterans Day or Pearl Harbor Day, that takes precedence. Kudos to the sheriff who refused to lower the flags for Mandela during such an important time in history for us. It seems to me the Obama administration is getting too loose with the United States flag.

I should note this is not the only time we have lowered the flags for foreign dignitaries, but when it falls on a conflicting date, we should make it clear that we will honor our people first.

Paul Martin


Have a seat, council

As a resident and Born On the Island of this wonderful city I call home, I was pleased to see the editorial by Heber Taylor telling it like it is (“The council should pass on this one,” The Daily News, Dec. 10). Citizens are tired of the same old games and political brinkmanship we continue to see year after year.

Yes, we get out and vote only to find that the people we voted for have “changed their view on the subject.”

Mayor Lewis Rosen should be ashamed of himself. Don Mafrige is a true and longtime supporter of what’s in the best interest for Galveston — all of Galveston, not just “the chosen few.” It is my hope that this proposal is defeated as willed by the voters in the amendment to Article IX, Section 3(b) of the charter.

I would also hope that we will finally have a council and true leadership we deserve this next election. I am going to support Don Mafrige for mayor because he is exactly what this city needs — a leader that wants what’s best for all of us.

Scott Freudenburg