I have been riding the Metro bus No. 249 for over 10 years and was on the bus mentioned in the “Galveston-to-Houston bus line quietly begins service” article (The Daily News, Sept. 12). This is another example of outdated planning and poor service by transportation authorities.

There has been service from Galveston to Clear Lake for several years. Since it began, I have suggested on every survey by Connect Transit, Metro Houston and the Texas Department of Transportation to provide transportation from Bay Area Park & Ride to Clear Lake Center.

Also, service would be much better if it connected to the new El Dorado Park & Ride that opened last week and made stops at Baybrook Mall. This would be the only bus service from downtown Galveston and downtown Houston to Baybrook Mall.

Instead of creating three new 66 mile routes that provide little service, existing routes could be extended four miles. This would be much better service with a 90 percent savings.

Richard Capestani

Texas City


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