Galveston County is as Republican as was ever thought possible. We have Carl Gustafson, Barbara Meeks, John LeCour, Kerry Neves and the late Kris Anne Vogelpohl to thank for that. Batting 100 percent should be considered an unqualified success. Gustafson gets my vote for re-election as chairman.

Rep. Wayne Faircloth has delivered big for Galveston County. I urge voters to check out his website and see for themselves. In a publicized debate, his opponent could do no more than repeat conservative consultant talking points. Faircloth’s opponent wants to eliminate property taxes. Let’s be real, real clear — the elimination of the property tax will benefit property-rich, or oil-rich, millionaires and disproportionately shift the tax burden onto everyone else. That is an incontrovertible fact.

Lastly, if you want the University of Texas Medical Branch to continue to prosper, the re-election of Wayne Faircloth is the only choice — by a country mile.

Norman Pappous



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Carol Dean

If you like "bought and paid for" representation, Fakecloth is your man. If you prefer honest, successful, ethical representation...Mayes Middleton fills those boots!

Shame on you, Mr. Pappous, Chris Anne Vogelpol is probably "rolling over in her grave" to be included with the weak people you included as being representatives of the GCGOP!

Yolanda Waters will finally get the GCGOP on their feet and stop the internal discourse that "your people" have been causing for over 10 years!

You probably support Red Texas and Shawn Christopher Phillips, as well.

PD Hyatt

I agree.... We need a change from Faircloth.... In fact we need to help start draining the swamp here at the local level and in Washington D.C.

Mike Trube

Voters need to remember how he sided with the corrupt LMISD school board. That's why he's not getting my vote.


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