Jason Delgado’s letter (“Mailing speaks to candidate’s merit,” Daily News, April 7,) attacking 212th District Court Candidate Patricia Grady did not have the ring of truth.

It was misleading at best and full of misrepresentations.

It seems that Delgado also admits to sending various inflammatory, inaccurate and likely illegal mailings smearing Grady.

The political action committee that supposedly produced the mailings is not registered with the Texas Ethics Commission as required by state law.

One mailing showed a billboard on which Grady was supposedly advertising for criminals to hire her for their defense.

No such billboard has ever existed.

It seems that Delgado takes issue with Grady’s work as an attorney in defending some people accused in criminal cases.

He does not note that Grady’s opponent, Bret Griffin, has also been a defense attorney in criminal cases, even though he is primarily a personal injury trial lawyer.

When attacking others, people most often accuse others of that which they are personally guilty.

While these attacks did not directly come from Griffin, I find it impossible to think that he had no knowledge of them.

At least he has not publicly expressed his disgust at these attacks.

It would also be very interesting to see the money trail that led to these mailers.

John Hackbarth

Texas City

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Jackson Hancock

Judge Bret Griffin has publicly denounced negative attack ads. He has not committed the crime and the money trail does not reflect any money being exchanged.

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