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Gary Miller

It is always vandalism if done without permission.
The tagger is a criminal that should be jailed. If not jailed cleaning it off with toothpicks might be appropiate.

Lars Faltskog

Much of the tagging that occurs has a creative "art" element to it. However, by looking at the posted pics from GCDN, I don't notice much creative "art".

What I see is that cursive writing and what looks like a cardboard stencil that was placed on the surface and spraypainted black. Most of us probably could do that and be called "artists".

I wonder if there have been studies on the psyches of the "taggers". That is, what drives them to go about and leave the scribbling and images on signs, billboards, walls, and such. The following article basically says that taggers are angry juveniles who do this to "vent". Other purposes are for gang initiation. Competing gangs try to improve and develop their "art" and use the public items to express their superiority. Here's an article -


Robert Young

Ihog..you hit the nail on the head..taggers are vandals and rodents with a paint can...

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