Elizabeth Beeton has a passion for Galveston. Many of us love Galveston, but Beeton translates her love of the island into action.

For her, living here is a personal choice and an important responsibility. Beeton is the watchdog for city spending. She asks the important questions and watches your dollars. She is your direct connection to your city government.

You don’t have to have a pocket full of money or friends in high places to be heard. She believes the residents of Galveston are her “special interest group.”

Whether or not you agree with her, Beeton will remain open-minded, will always listen to you respectfully and will give thoughtful consideration to your opinions and suggestions. Beeton sees the big picture and knows the way to a better Galveston is through its natural resources — the people who live here.

Galveston is a delightful, quirky, smart city full of life and possibilities. It has a wonderful diversity most cities can’t match. Beeton believes that uniqueness is one of our great strengths and it can be nurtured and built upon by improving neighborhoods and supporting local businesses. A more attractive, livable environment improves the standard of living for all residents, and that is something we can all be passionate about.

Kathleen Stafford Sukiennik


(5) comments

GW Cornelius

Action to destroy Galveston!!

Rainy Brown

If you want transparency in your city government, elect Elizabeth Beeton.

Steve Fouga

I certainly plan to vote for her.

George Croix

Never buy a gun from a tennis shoe salesman, and never take political advice from genus Mustela.
Works for me...[beam][beam]

Jarvis Buckley

EB is the best choice period. She is the "People's Candidate".

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